You can't just say something is fake news, you have to say why it is fake news, there are categories and reasons. Something may be exaggerated, toned down, a lie, part lie, over-reported, under-reported, inferred, actors playing people, and even constructed and made to happen to report about. Every Zionist news channel or program uses these methods to try and fool you for their own varied purposes so be on the watch for what they are attempting and inform others of what you want to debunk. For made to happen events, including actors and so forth, if you have inside knowledge of a faked event put it forward any way you can through media that is ours and/or on the internet however you are able, let people know. I try and do so as well but further conformation of any of these instances past, present, future would help immensely. When they put forth fake news in any of the categories, and no one speaks up or exposes them, they add details to make it more and more to their liking, figuring no one will be the wiser. One recent event, news story, emphasis on story, is about “David and Louise Turpin”, two “parents of 13 children that moved from Texas to California and kept said children in dungeon like conditions for their entire lives”. If I remember correctly the oldest was 29 years old. They “escaped” when one of them (17) ran outside and used some cellphone to call 911. Apparently they were so malnourished and such that you could tell just by looking at them what their situation was. And yet the “news” channels report and show family pictures at various places and events where they look just fine and smiles all around, if they were in such physical condition when found after years and years of neglect these photos, some very recent as when the “couple” renewed their vows in Las Vegas, with the “prisoners” happy and laughing, looking just fine both mentally and physically and not one of them saying anything to anyone about helping them or anything of the like. The think tank behind this story is still in action, thinking up more and more details to add to this pile since no one has questioned it's validity, which it is not. The newest additions are that pies (apple and pumpkin) were bought and left on the sill so the “captives” could smell them but not eat them, is that something that would be first on their mind as victims in this situation? After that and further down the news days it was mentioned that they had dvd's (oh my god!) and unopened toys there as well. These two parts of this story are connected, perhaps you'll have to go with me on this one. One of the other family photos is of them together with the children all wearing those “thing 1” to “thing 13” shirts, from the Cat in the Hat origin. I've of course seen these t-shirts but really? They go up to Thing 13? that's just something I doubt but it is all woven together with the multitudes of other implausibilities. The whole story reeks and everything about it says how bullshit it is. Next the think tank will wrap it all up with a conclusion and you'll never hear about it again unless they think up more bs to add to their concoction before doing that. You've really got to be skeptical with the Zionist news entities, they exist to fuck you over so why watch, yet alone believe, anything they say? This is just one example of a fabricated news item, there have been and will be many more. If you are on the inside of one, or just see something they are doing similar to this, expose them

     Pixar's, not Disney's, Pixar's "Coco", which is also a euphemism for something else, is about trying to find someone to take the Jewish side, which would have to be someone completely out of the loop on the reality of what's going on, been done, and planned for the future. Not every Jew is a Zionist, i know this and am sure you know this as well, but those from their side also know that we are left with no other options and that the good ones have to go just the same as the not, and they understand that. After all it is not even my desire, but we to them are Goyim, Gentile, sub-human, and they see themselves as gods. Throughout the said movie is woven a plot about music, about some child standing up for them, what will he/she think about them when finding out what has being done to our precious (not exaggerating) musicians by them? Zionism is the enemy, not the good ones who are being dragged down to the same fate by the global culprits who are so deep already that there is no way for them to get out of this. it is a slow process for us as we are being worked against as we speak, whether we retaliate against them or let them take us all the world over they still have the same agenda that they are trying to put forward and create reality from their various plots. The phrase one bad apple spoils the who bunch fits here, there are more than one bad apple in this though, and they are so entwined in our societal systems that they are hard to root out and separate from the rest, they are hanging on for their lives and instead of recanting and refuting what they are doing they dig down deeper and make things worse and worse for us while making themselves comfy in the holes they are making on their own. So what do we do? identify their dna, that's a start. They hide behind movies like Coco, who also created the movie Monster's Inc. something i bought a while back before knowing the intentions of Pixar and thinking Oh a Disney movie, well it's not, Pixar was just allowed to continue doing the same as they were before. But yes, Monsters Inc... where monsters come out of your closets to scare children and collect their screams to power the monster world. In real life the closet they come out of is your television, and they are not as the movie says friendly ones to think of as cute, we're talking lives lost and people tortured, not some cute rag tag group of miscreants who only do this to collect energy harvested for running their backwards world, in life they harvest our money. Just today i posted about a "50 cent song" (not his song forced) called Money, and these monsters of our world force him to rap about how nothing else is important (including how they are getting this money) and just about what they receive from us (without us wanting to give to them, these monsters who 'scare' men, women, and children, while not brainwashing them with movies like Coco, for the benefit of them and only them. Let the monsters stay in the closet, nail it shut, and don't let them back out. One side they have Inside Out, the other tortured musicians threatening us and saying how we are nothing to them. They don't mean the niceties, the true versions of themselves are the sordid ones. So maybe some kid will see Coco and want to help the opposition we face, it won't be his fault for being mistaught because most media is of theirs not ours, in a simple conversation and some light being shown on the matter there's really no argument against us and for them. They have many facets of what they do against us, this is just one more of the many, they just throw a bunch of shit on the wall and hope something, anything, will save them (without actually changing or admitting what they are doing) they want to be saved so that they can continue their schemes against us, against their savior, who would be dreadfully ill-informed by them to begin with and should really be spoken to about the situation we're in. Parents, talk to your children in whatever ways you can about what's happening, as said Disney and documentaries are a good starting point but put in what you can as well of course, you will raise a strong willed individual who will be immune to their many ploys, which is a major step up from what's being put forward and going on right now. They will have no savior after they have a quick crash course on the details of our plight. Oh but they are just big fluffy monsters scaring us to get energy for their world, well it's not just the kids their scaring, in fact the kids don't even know what the hell is going on in general, they are just being conditioned by Pixar and the like for their thoughts in the future when they get some more knowledge. To be more precise it's the parents who they are trying to scare (be strong) and they succeed to some degree until we've had enough and want to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Pixar creates some of what are supposed to be good ones of them, in an animated not real manner, to try and pull at the heartstrings of kids and the parents who take them to see the movie in the first place, if it says Pixar... skip. Disney, which bought Pixar, has nothing to do with any of this so do not take anything said as being against them in particular, there was a rough spot with Disney and i at some points but i understand that, it's a long story but think things are better now. Disney has always been on your side, i've mentioned it before and i'll mention it again, the only instances of what they are doing that needs to get better is with their franchises of Marvel, Lucasfilm, and of course Pixar, let's get some of the best of us working on those instead of the worst of them. As for Coco, anyone who knows about what is happening (especially to musicians who the movie concentrates on) should have no desire to help the perpetrators when the time comes. Let's get there, stay there, and make it through to a new beginning for the world entire as best we can

     Speaking of said “discussion” about 9/11 on a forum it quickly deteriorated into a farcical spectacle of ridiculousness. This particular forum, as i'm sure most others, was overrun with shills, many of which have been there for a long time spreading Zionist agenda throughout the various threads. Go figure that near and on 9/11 they would be there in full force trying to take down the speaking of truth of what happened. I say shills, which is more of a term for agents on the internet, in real life they would be called plants, on television frauds. Either way they are not real people, and I mean that in the way of they have agenda against you, they do not learn or come to their senses, they already know the truth and they try to deride others from finding it out because the facts are against them. So these are the shills they have on payroll to mess around with you on forums, but there are more than just those. There was an app, called the Israeli Megaphone, an app from GIYUS (Give Israel Your United Support) that would alert supporters to polls, articles, forums and anything else they wanted to put their sway on. The app was distributed starting 2006 and went on till 2011, however it is still being run, through an rss feed, which has the same exact purpose and still currently in use by them. It's hard to avoid these agents of Zion, whether it's on a forum like the one i mentioned, on television, where it borders on outrageous how many frauds there are there, and even in real life for some. You just can't escape it. The best defense is to be skeptical when needed, on the lookout for them. Personally i'm fed up of arguing with shills, so will probably not bother with forums anymore, we'll see. They really are troublesome but at least can be spotted pretty readily. Facts are facts and hard to disagree with, with 9/11 there are so many good people who have utilized their expertise to debunk the official story and put forward the truth, which you don't hear about on television. So instead look for other means of getting the knowledge about these types of things, but be on the lookout for detractors who are paid or have the interest of deceiving you. That is what they do, don't let them

     So I was on a forum and got into a discussion about 9/11, Turns out there were already a slew of shills there trying to avoid talking about what happened to wtc7, which is the 3rd building that fell on that day. Thing is wtc7 was never touched by a plane, or anything else for that matter, it was a controlled demolition. Here is the video of it in free-fall. Wtc7 is the key, it is the proof of advance knowledge about the 9/11 attacks. American/Israel intelligence found out about the plot and not only allowed it to happen but helped it along. The opposition has no explanation whatsoever for why wtc7 fell, but i'll say why it did. Larry Silverstein got greedy, the twin towers were health hazardous money pits that were going to have to be demolished anyhow, and were insured for exorbitant amounts of money. So he figured why not cash in on wtc7 as well. Thing is, wtc7 was never even grazed by either tower, it just fell (was pulled). So because of Larry's greed the whole 9/11 plot has been exposed. The aforementioned shills on the forum have absolutely no explanation or excuse for the reason wtc7 fell so try to avoid the topic. One was saying the ridiculous about the demolition, that there was no boom or external explosion and posted a video of some building being demolished, thing is that demolition was done conventionally and they had no need to hide the sound or explosions, for wtc7 they just muffled the sound and placed the explosives to expand inward not outward. No matter what the opposition says they never never never have an explanation for wtc7. So in this “conversation” with multiple plants they even insulted truth seekers very rudely, America needs to continue to expose what happened on 9/11. There are multitudes of facts, but wtc7 is the key to all of it, it is proof that cannot be denied. The response to these insults are that scholars, patriots, first responders and family's who lost loved ones on 9/11 are not what this person said they were. 3,000 lives lost in an effort to get the United States into war against the Middle-East to serve American war interests and Israeli agenda against their enemies in that region who stand up to Israel. The linked to video of wtc7 on 9/11 shows a controlled demolition, there is absolutely no other explanation at all, none. And the opposition has no contrary answer about it, 3,000 people were sacrificed (murdered) that day to further a desire for America to swat Israeli enemies in the Middle-East, Larry Silverstein wanted that extra insurance money and sunk the whole plan, because of that we know United States government at the time and Israeli interests found out about the plan, allowed it, added to it, and fulfilled their plot, which we now need to undo

     Sorry Disney, i really misread you. There were reasons for doing so but they turned around. The woman i know who loves you will be happy to hear that i came around about you, even Frozen looks like another amazing movie of yours, so it's not just the classics but recent movies also. Personally i was very surprised by all this when things started falling into place, and i can say that i am now a major fan. The other day i ordered Snow White on dvd, the price was alright but i don't get a lot of money to spend, so, what i did was pick up about 25 movies for about .25 cents each at the thrift stores i go to, they are on vhs but the price is too good to pass up compared to dvd or blu-ray which i will pick up as i see them. For now i will pick up a vcr and it will be solely for Disney movies. I have most of the movies now, with some still to buy and am very enthusiastic to watch all of them. If you want to do the same, and get to see all Disney's movies, pick up a vcr and head to the thrift stores to buy them all on vhs very inexpensively. i can't vouch for every Disney movie, like the newer and live-action ones, but at least the ones i've bought so far look fantastic, and have more recent ones to buy as well. All in all this is a new discovery for me, one i am super happy to have found and look forward to getting into. My movie watching is now allocated for a long time and will thoroughly enjoy each and every one of these amazing movies

     it's about time i did a post like this. First thank you to anyone who has ever helped me or been kind, i appreciate that and hope we did well, which i think we did. There is still a very very long way to go though, i don't know if i'll ever get to see the finale but i hope you do. When this started i knew some of what we talk about now but not fully and have learned much initially and over this time, improving there is one thing, but in addition i have also learned and improved myself drastically, i was a pretty shitty young adult and am happy to be the person i am now instead of the same as before. To anyone who i have wronged in any way, shape or form i truly apologize. if it's any consolation i am trying to do the best possible and help many in whatever ways i can. We've been at this for a while, both the time i've been doing this and before, which goes back centuries, and we are finally making some real progress with what we're doing. i do worry that recent conditioning of sensitivity will get in the way, and hinder us in our goals, we need to bring that up as well. For me i've seen a lot of death, both real and media, in one sense it has desensitied me, but in another that exists with that it has made me sensitive to our lost lives, both can exist in the same mind. Also i take medication, a mood stabilizer and an anti-depressant, it's only been a cetain amount of time that i've been on those, but they help me immeasurably, i blame not being on this medication as one of the main reasons for any bullshit of mine in the past. Am so much better and more stable with these medications. As for my troubled past again i am sorry, at least we made it here which is pretty damn far and more than many might have expected, if i was perfect there's no way they would have let me get this far, so it's kind of a mixed blessing, although i would take back wrongs if was able. i can't do that though, so hope that you can fogive me and get over those wrongs so that we can progress even further. And again, if this task goes to anyone i hope it goes to everyone, then we'll really start making acheivements, i hope everyone in the media takes that route, the hard route, to lead as well and keep at it without falter or stop. My Dad, my Dad was a monster, to both my Mom and i. it was rough, very. and there are two paths you can follow with a situation like that, you can become like that person, or you can become the opposite. i think what happened with me is i became like him for a while, then, and thankfully, became like my Mom, who has passed but i love dearly. As we move forward it's not only me that is bettering myself, you are too am sure, keep at it because it's worth doing. Learn from your mistakes and make the nessessary changes each time you need to. You'll be happy with the progress. Zion isn't changing, they release a sorry song (by forcing musicians to sing it) and the next day another one threatening us, or any number of negative agenda. So, i turned out okay, it was a shitty start but here we are, a good place to be and to go from. We are where we want to be, but have so much more to do. One thing... please spend most of your time on topic, on motivation, on warning and on anything else you think will help. i'll continue this but need you to diversify and keep all of us in mind, that way will be the best for our goals, fail that and we won't be making any progress, which we so need and want to acheive

     Agenda, it's the reasons and goals for doing things the way you, i and they do. For us, we try to have good goals, wants and intentions, where we try to do everything the best way possible. What is the best thing i can do in this instance? Again, the best thing you can do. The opposition though strives for the opposite, what is the Worst thing they can do? It's down to how they can screw us over the most that they can. We try to do well, they try to do harm. We have, and want to have, good agenda, good intentions, while Zionist media thinks how can we make this the most threatening, the most insulting, the most in their favor for us to be thinking... you get the idea. We still need to continue with our way of doing things and not stoop to what they are doing. For us, how is the best i can do this, not what they do which is how is the "worst" i can do it. You need to keep this in mind. Cnn, nbc and all the rest of them, there are many, all have the same shared agenda, the same goals if you can call what they have planned goals. Goals generally have positive outcomes, we have goals, they have ruination on their mind. So why would you want to watch a Zionist channel who is trying to con you to say the least, why would you want to watch what their think-tanks have thought up on how to sham you. All of their channels have the same objective, many different ways to do so for them, but the same objective. When we are saying how can i do this well, how can i cause a positive impact, they think of what would be worst for us. Don't watch what the Zionist media has thought up against you, why would you? Don't! You will feel much better watching what we have, as hard to find as it might be on television for instance, but watch us and our goodness, not them and their plots against us and our kind. Find good media and stick with that, if you find out something is Zionist, through your own reserach or just figuring them out, find something of ours to watch at that time instead, or any other number of activities you can do. Maybe what you can do is talk about it, bring it up, work against them in that time instead of watching their plots in action against you. Agenda can be positive, it can be negative, you'd much rather watch the home team and our good desires than the opposition and their tricks against you, which you perpetuate by watching them, if you still do for some reason. There are enough good sources that any information you would get from the cnn's of the world you can also get from our sources, without the threatening commercials and fake news items that you get from them. Speaking of which, where is the media reform? it's been quite a while why has this not happened yet? You can be sure that Zionist media doesn't want that to happen, it would make them extinct, but we need this more than ever, please talk to your elected leaders and demand this, petitions, protests, whatever you can think of to get this on track. Media affects every one of us, whether you like it or not, tv, movies, print, some internet... and it has only gotten worse with no checks or balances, which is how it is right now. Don't have cable and say Netflix? it too is Zionist! One of the best things we can do is simply point it out, make notice of the fact that there is something wrong, that we are being conspired against, of what their agenda is. For those of us in the know it takes us all to show what's wrong to those that don't. So let's all do our part, as one of our many goals, to put an end to their agenda of fear, diversion, division and tricks and replace all of them with the good of us. Let's turn media reform from a phrase to a real objective, we sure do need it to happen but it won't without your help

     PewDiePie looks like a nice guy and i want to stand up for him in whatever way possible. This is about his show getting canned for a skit he did that contained the phrase "Death to All Jews", it must be noted that YouTube was bought by Google a while ago, Google being a Zionist entity of it's own, so go figure. There are many other controversial video's on YouTube, even similar to this instance, there was one in particular with Louis CK where he was on Conan and doing a whole joke about Schindler's List in which he was talking about the casting and how one of the girls was to say "Goodbye Jews" and kept having to try at it so would say it different ways over and over, the phrase must have been repeated a dozen times and is right now still on YouTube. i hope YouTube and PewDiePie are able to reach some sort of reconciliation and he gets his channel back going. Things like this you need to know what medium you are on, i am afforded some leeway but not everybody is, so make the best of what you are able to do, but remember to make it appropriate for the place you are on, the internet is pretty much ours but you still need to scale back a bit depending. The system and more importantly our inginuity lets you make statements while still holding back on going on a full out blitz, wherever possible be as blunt as you are able to, but there is a time and place for everything. Say what you can, be involved and take part, do it in a way that you are heard and understood without bringing yourself down if possible. Also on this topic is the word Jews, which in and of itself has become a taboo name, for a long time i mostly chose to use the term Israeli, but that's not the right descriptor really, so have gone with the more correct term. We really need to be able to say that word (Jews) without being called anti-Semitic which is what is happening now, you need to be able to name them and the issues they bring. So say what you can, just be aware of what medium you are on and work within that, moreso there is a lot to do, still, so much to do, so get on, join in, and do the very best you can

     Abortion is murder, beyond a cetain amount of time. It stops a heart, ends a brain. Before that shouldn't be argued, it's after that where there is a moral question. It's already illegal to abort a baby after a cetain amount of time, when they are more formed, so what makes the difference is how far in development is too far. The spark of life when the sperm meets the egg is one thing, we have iud's for that which abort the newly created embryo before any signs of humanity begin. It's after a cetain point where the dilemma begins, how far along is this considered murder of a little human? For me after the heart and or brain are functioning that is when the child is beginning. However, i am not against abortion, you need to know it for what it is though, legalized murder. There is also the death penalty, legalized in many places, so it becomes a matter of what the public want allowed and don't want allowed. As for women who have a fetus inside them which has already started showing the signs of development i think what would be best would be for them to bring the child to birth and give it up for adoption. If a woman wants to abort the prenancy after the signs of humanity then at least call it what it is. Majority rules on this issue, if you want abortion past a certain stage of development then remember about other forms of legalized murder. You might wonder what side i am on for this question, i'm fine with what the rest of public wants and will respect their choice of what is allowed and what is not. Let me say though that for me a child starts with the heart and the brain, after those form the child should be brought to term and given up for adoption. Anything other than that is to be decided on by the voting public, same as with any similar issues. All in all if you're going to legalize murder in one or two situations, you can do the same in others, even in one instance but not another, as two different issues, dealt with as we want

     Star Wars the force awakens. This movie is all kinds of bullshit so wanted a place to write more about it. Mainly, and first off, this movie was made with the intent of brainwashing children, the plot can be understood from the visuals alone, so it can get to those who can't even understand the simplistic language. If you watch it for the first time, or even a second, keep in mind what they are trying to put forward to a younger audience, parents buying the dvd and allowing their children to watch this movie over and over. Every single part of the force awakens is put together for (against) children, small things, like Han Solo saying to Chewbacca they're home, trying to take our word home, the sand world of Jakku. Things like this, the entire movie is full of them. I worry about the kids brainwashed by this Zionist movie and all the ones they make in the future, very much so. Adults might like this movie but can notice it afterwards, it's the children who are vulnerable and need to know who's behind this Star Wars and what their intentions are. I haven't watched the three original Star Wars in a long time, maybe they are the same as this one for their time? I don't have any plans on doing so any time soon either so you can check that out if you want to. As for Daisy Ridley, John Boyega an a few others i don't mean them any disrespect, Disney went to them and asked if they would want to be in the new Star Wars movie so of course they went for it. There's a lot of Zionist propaganda in tv shows and movies directed to children, none of which can be tolerated, but this is on a huge scale, the biggest, so must be talked about and dealt with any way we can

     Was given the question of why do we exist, this is different than the meaning of life, this is the reason we're here. We exist because of organisms in the water of course, of native or previous meteor collision from elsewhere in the universe carrying these organisms, and Earth being just the right distance from the Sun to heat and nurture these organisms. So easy enough, that's why we exist. Now, Stephen Hawking has recently said that if we don't leave Earth and colonize elsewhere the human race is doomed to suffer the same fate as the dinosaurs, where an asteroid will impact the planet peeling away the top layers of the Earth and the dust cloud that blocks the Sun ending life here. So we need a plan to combat this. Anyhow that's pretty much known it just needs to be worked on to find a solution. As for the meaning of life, what to do with your life, i narrowed it down to four answers, learn, procreate (not everyone has to but some people do) help others, and enjoy life. While we need to figure out what to do about getting to other planets and how to save Earth from an asteroid we still have the problems here on Earth right now. We've made it so far and so quick that we are unaccustomed to everything we have achieved, and need to work on building ethics for our society. One of the reasons for this is because of corrupt media setting bad examples because of corrupt intentions. And while people are going about their daily lives this one specific faction is working behind the scenes to benefit themselves at the cost of every other human on Earth. Back to us though, when you think about it we are at the best time ever in history, when we are so far ahead that everything we do is amazing, the best time is also the worst time though because of this said faction, so we unfortunately need to get through that part and continue with our path, not their path to the ruination of us. Be a community, stand up for each other against this terrible Zionist entity and don't let them destroy everything we hold dear and want for our future

  We share common dreams, stemmed from our desires, our desires for a peaceful tomorrow, prosperity, happiness. We have this to some degree now, but it is in danger, we would like a utopian existance, or as close as we can get. This is not possible with the current conflicting directions being taken, our desire for paradise on earth, versus the Zionist vision of global slavery, brought forth and kept through brain washing, intimidation and and violence. The plot of the protocols is very thorough, and has progressed much in the last century, but we now have an invaluable resourse in the internet, and must protect this resource. Through the internet we can share news, information, organize and take action. There are a lot of battles we must win, Zionism and it's aims are the opposite of what every other person wants for this world, for the greed of money and what money buys, these Zionists plan to ruin the world for every person inhabiting it.
     There is a decision you must make, or your mind is made up already, as is mine. There's been a lot of advice over the years to help if you need it. This battle has been waged for centuries, even before the protocols, the protocols are just the manifestation of what they've been doing throughout thier existance. Nation after nation has followed the same course facing this enemy from within. Imagine what life would be like, without the troubles they cause. It is not 100% who subscribe to the protocols, some do not even know of them, but those of them who do not follow this plan still see the situation we are in, as unfortunate as it is. It is dark right now, but the light ahead shows a bright future, we just need to get through this.
     We have lost many, we have lost much, and we are in danger of this continuing indefinitely, and only getting worse until we take the final stand. The path is paved, but we must take steps, our goal requires effort on many fronts. The first two steps are media reform, and dismantling the federal reserve. The media they own pumps out mis-information, and threats, we do not need these to hinder us. The federal reserve supplies them massive funds, money that they in turn use against us. There are many other goals to accomplish, in tandem with each other, but these two should be at the top of the list. As we strip them of the power they unscrupulously gained, things will start to get better, yet they will still have the same mindset and look to hold on to what they have left through more threats, and more crimes. These are what we face now as well, and are looking to stop them from harming anyone anymore.
     This is a path we must take together, one that's been here centuries, no person alone can accomplish this, and it is a task that must be helped forward by every person who cares what the future will be like. Take the stand, fight this evil we face, help alone, help in groups, but please, help, not for me, but for everyone living and everyone who will walk this Earth in the future. This bliss of living to be realized, this home of ours to be happy.

     Today marks one year since the Israeli massacre of Gaza's people dubbed operation cast lead. A people who were trapped inside their territory, and attacked by one of the most advanced armies in the world, bought with aid from United States taxpayer dollars. These war crimes were committed at a time when Israel thought the world would not notice, hoping to finally drive out the last of the indigionous population from what they want for Israel. 1,419 dead, thousands more injured, if the world did not step in they would have continued until every last Gazan was killed. Weapons of mass destruction used against a defenseless population, white phosphorus, dime munitions, depleted unanium and flechettes, indiscriminatly used and with victims having nowhere to flee. Infrastructure was targeted, schools, mosques, hospitals, all to leave Gaza in ruins, hoping that any survivors, if there were going to be any, would leave Gaza and give up the land to be engulfed by Israel.
     The most detailed investigation of these war crimes and crimes against humanity is detailed in a United Nations report by Richard Goldstone, this report has been denounced by Israel as bias, well, here's why it may seem that way, 1,419 Palestinians murdered, mostly civilians, 13 Israeli deaths, mostly military. Then you have Hamas war crimes, mostly blind rockets into Israel causing no casualties, okay, then here's Israel's war crimes... Of course the report seems lopsided, so was the offensive. Hamas has stepped up and agreed to independent investigations of it's war crimes, while Israel hides behind a United States veto of investigations and prosecution.
     The necessity remains, Israel must be held accountable for it's actions in Gaza, this one sided war with the intent of wiping out a whole nation, what's left of it after Israeli incursion. War crimes and crimes against humanity levied upon those responsible and payments of restitution to help rebuild Gaza. The current siege on Gaza must be lifted, allowing for the import of medicine, building materials and other much needed supplies. Please help with these issues and goals as you think would be best, the people of Gaza are in need more than ever in the aftermath of this horrible attack and ongoing oppression.

     Christmas is upon us once more and thought this would be a good time to talk briefly about this holiday. I believe the bible was written with good intentions, people wanting more of a meaning to life, an explanation of life in a time before science. A set of rules to follow, for an afterlife in heaven, who wouldn't want that. It's a comforting thought, but the actuality is also meaningful, beautiful. Although I am an atheist, I do believe in Jesus, historically, as a person, not that he walked on water or turned water into wine, but he must have been a visionary, a prophet. Christmas, the celebration of his birth, is a time of gift giving, feasts and spending time with those you care about and love. So even if you're not a religious person, have a very, very merry Christmas.

     When you mention Zionism, the term has two meanings, the more widely known would be for the creation of a Jewish state, which happened in 1948 on Palestinian land. This state has consumed their land and is continuing to do so. The reason for the formation of Israel is simple, they have been kicked out of everywhere they have ever been, due to the ruination of governments, monetary systems and other unsavory traits. Again, not every person of Jewish origin is so corrupted, there are those that fight against this treachery, this Jewish supremacy, and there are also those of Jewish origin who do not know of the history, the present, the planned future.

     This is not the Zionism I speak of, The Zionism I refer to is political Zionism, the furthering of the protocols of the learned elders of Zion. This document is the most heartbreaking document you will ever read. A century old plot to enslave the world under Jewish control. This is what we are fighting. A declaration of war against the people of the world, men, women and children. The plot has progressed to this place we are at right now, and only gets worse unless we stand up and face this danger which is against us in every facet of this life we want to preserve, to enjoy. The future is something we should look forward to, not fear or dread. Unfortunately, these entities will not stop until they are stopped. They will continue ruining people's lives in their pursuit of money, power and total dominance of every person on Earth. The federal reserve was snuck through congress in 1913, the Jewish bankers who concocted this scam make billions, while the Jewish owned media keep people in the dark or misdirected. The protocols not only need to be read, but counteracted, each and every chapter reversed, the federal reserve, repealed, as it's unconstitutional, the media, heavily regulated, retroactively. These are just two of the problems we face, but large ones when it comes to our well being and prosperity. There's a lot to deal with, choose ways you can help. We've been on this path for awhile and we're headed in the right direction.

The Jay Leno Show 9.14.2009 First Show

     Right from the start you see Jay Leno walk out onto the set with the light blue horizontal lines, over to a panel on the ground meant to be another 101 reference. I'm very surprised about Jerry Seinfeld's appearance, he actually took a few jabs at Jay and the new show, going against what the show would be putting forward. The original Seinfeld show was Zionist agenda, through and through, Jerry may be looking at his brethren and no longer wanting to be accomplice to these heinous acts. This doesn't change anything about our direction, it's just that some realize this must be done, as unfortunate that it is. There are Jews that know the deceit, murder, torture and arson done by other Jews is reprehensible, the Talmudic mindset that must be overcome. Disgusting acts like these that we must deal with daily and continue fighting until we have peace, for us and our loved ones. To look back on times like these and see what we had to deal with.

     The musical guest of Jay Leno's first show was Rihanna, Jay-Z and Kanye West, singing 'run this town', a stealth Israeli script. You can look for the lyrics online and read it from a Jewish writing perspective. There's been a huge backlash against Kanye because of him jumping onstage during the Viacom/MTV music video awards and interrupting winner Taylor Swift with a comment about Beyonce having a great video herself. Beyonce ended up winning the top award and used her time to allow Taylor to come back onstage and have her moment, which I thought was very sweet of her and allowed for both of them to recover. During the Jay Leno show, he asked Kanye, how would your (passed) mother feel about all this. That's a pretty low comment. Kanye said he wouldn't rationalize his actions and just wanted to say sorry, which he's done a lot since this happened. Every direction has come down on him, it's been pretty harsh and he must feel terrible about the event, let me mention, Kanye was on the red carpet with a bottle of liquor and even in the hall with that same bottle, not sure how he was allowed to do that, but hey it's Viacom/MTV, The same people who also put him in the front row of seats with that bottle. Now drinking is not an excuse, since you have to consent to drinking in the first place, but since Kanye is too respecting to mention it... I hope both he and Taylor are doing okay, Beyonce really did save the evening and I hope people can get past the event that took place and look to protecting artists like them from being forced to read Israeli scripted songs.

     As for Jay Leno, he will continue what he's been doing for years, threats, diversions and making fun of people. Personally I don't watch, same goes for Zionist programming in general. Why bother subjecting yourself to their negative agenda, designed to harm you, Zionist movies, television, newspapers, they can take on a pleasing look, but are the same underneath. Threats, making fun of the show/audience/musician, written for other Jews etc. If you keep to non-Zionist mediums you'll have a much clearer head. Unfortunately some mediums that once were good have been taken over, and by some I mean alot. Once you know that this has happened to your favorite show, movie series or musician, don't fall prey to it, fight against it. If you have any way to help in this matter, please put it forward.

     There has been a shooting by James von Brunn, an 88 year old white supremacist who has shot Stephen T. Johns, 39, a security guard at the holocaust museum in Washington D.C.. The problem with any belief of supremacy is that it's not true, there are different races, yes, and each one has distinct benefits as well as also being distinctly human, sharing traits we all have. Supremacy in any form is deluded and gives those fighting for the common good, that of our peers on Earth a bad name. The word supremacy evokes that of being better than other races, when we should all be on the same side, that of finding the best conditions for us to be able to live. The benefits the Jews take pride in, their supremacist beliefs, are at the detriment of every other race on Earth, the 'goal' being our downfall and their gain, monetarily, yet in reaching for this those who have worked towards this direction corrupt every other institution in it's path. The Jewish belief is that the world is there for the taking, not for the sharing or betterment of others, instead adopting a mentality of supremacism of their own. There are some Jews who fight against their brethren, who are not the problem, they understand the situation we are faced with, unfortunate as it is. The protocols of the elders of Zion, written 100 years ago is the culmination of their mentality over the years and is a declaration, in secret, of war against the rest of the world. This plan has taken shape and proves itself through it's usage and application through history and present day. A war against all of mankind for the sole benefit of the Jews. We need to be strong, to be brave, and to move forward in our quest for a better future and a safe loving place for us to live.

And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon

«Pink Floyd»
«The Dark Side of the Moon»

The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brian 6.1.2009 First Show

Street Sign - 101 is a torture reference from the book 1984
Shirt and Background - Light Israeli blue

     The Jewish owned Face Book is just that, an Israeli entity to catalog and group people by interest. Mass protests erupted when a new terms of service was put in place, which allowed the company to hold users data even after removed from the site, a clear view of their motives. Recently it came to light that this same company would allow pages of holocaust revisionists, something fine in itself, only used by Face Book to collect information of the viewers of such information. To stand up, to protest, to speak of truths and to organize action is needed and necessary, Face Book is just not the place to do so.

     A recent South Park episode entitled "fishsticks" mocks rapper Kanye West, the source of this episode is not Trey Parker and Matt Stone who started South Park, but the Jews who have taken it over. The same is true of other animated series, such as The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Family Guy, American Dad and the Futurama movies except the first. Kanye West, as with other musicians, have also been subjected to Israeli scripting. As for this particular episode of South Park, the source is shown by a light blue star, not quite a star of david but meant to imply one, on a poster in the background. Another poster is of the movie 'the six million dollar man' with the right side of the poster obscured, a reference to the 'holocaust' and it's 6,000,000, no more no less death toll. The reason that Jay Leno, Conan O'Brian, David Letterman, Ellen Degeneres and others are shown is to promote those particular shows. Jay Leno and Conan O'Brian are both agents of zion, as with many others, while David Letterman and Ellen Degeneres are being forced to put forward even
more zionist junk. When you watch tv, movies, or any other media you can see through their agenda, once you know what to look for. Be very critical.

     The reason that I mention the two recent shooting incidents, in North Carolina and New York, is because they look to have been orchestrated by Zionist entities. These same Zionist entities have planned and put forward many other crimes, whether shootings, arson or bombings (London), so that they can report these crimes through cnn and other media for various reasons. Sometimes they fake an event, but more often than not we lose lives. The recent shooting in New York by Jiverly Wong was done with two registered handguns, what the Zionist media then puts forth is the fear of more shootings, in an attempt to have people accept gun control, which already has safety checks. Their goal is to have an unarmed populous, as to ease the institution of a police state. The founders of the United States made sure to put forth the right to own and bear arms, a provision so as that the citizens may fight tyranny in government as well as defend ourselves.
     The same way that musicians, actors, actresses and others are being forced into doing what they do not want, Seung-Hui Cho (Virginia Tech), Jiverly Wong and others are forced into these situations also. Zionist entities sit in meetings plotting against us, but we have routes and resources available to expose what they have done, are doing and have planned. The movie 'the usual suspects' comes to mind, yet it is who you think. We would actually be doing very well if it wasn't for Zionist crime. North America is not the only victim of Zionist plotted crime, threats through their actions happen on a global scale. North Korea does not have a problem with America doing well, nor do Russia, China or others, what they do have a problem with is the money that flows to Israel through tax funded aid and through the Federal Reserve, money that they use against other nations. Since the majority of mainstream media in the United States is Jewish owned, the topic of this swindled money never arises, money that is used to fund Zionist crime worldwide. Other nations do not want what has happened to America to happen to them, a Zionist controlled media, corrupt government, financial ruin.
     We, the people, are the designers of our fate, and must work to create a future in which we are able to be happy, prosperous and free from fear. We can instate laws, and repeal others as we strive to preserve what matters to us, while also shaping the direction in which we are headed. The Jews, over time, have gained control over America, the monetary system, the press, and the government. In turn, we must unattach the tentacles from each of these institutions so they once again are for our betterment, not our downfall. Zionist crimes are not only in Palestine, but around the world. Exposing each and every instance helps, but does not solve the problem. Line by line, step by step, we want our Earth back.

Review. The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 3.19.2009. (Obama Interview) "99 cent store items"

St Patrick's Day Gels - Look he's not Irish.. He's black! A reference to Obama's part Irish ancestry
St Patrick's Day Shot Glasses - Ages 4 and up. An allusion to Irish being drunks
Almighty Hero's - Noah with sheep, religious validation to Christians, laughing at religion to others
Bronco Family Hacksaw - Veiled threat
Angel Riding Rhinoceros - Ridiculous prop created by NBC
9 ft. Extension Cord - Inputs at both ends
Four Paws Quick Fit Muzzle - Veiled threat
Pocket Calculator - Regarding the economy, mentions putting away the calculator
Larry Potter and his best friend Lilly - Fraudulent book
Obstacles our version of Obsession - Is Obama the "obstacle"?
Crucifix Betty Boop - The crucifix is mentioned to have a light yet visually there is no mechanism
Magnifying Glass - Text reads of bank losses

     Open Letter to President Barack Obama

     Millions of people around the world believe in you Mr. Obama, as do I. You are beam of
sunshine upon what have been many dark days. The rebuilding of America will not be easy, but we are putting our hopes and dreams in your hands to make this a better world for us. You have the power to do this, and you also have our combined strength and support through difficult times. Please, do everything you can to create a nation where people are free to live, work and enjoy life without fear of the Israeli threats we receive through their media. Issues confronted, and goals reached for the betterment not only of America, but the world.

     You can accomplish so many wonderful new ventures, which are very needed
     •    Repeal legislation against the people, such as the homeland security act, patriot act and any others that attempt to restrict the freedoms of citizens
     •    Repeal the federal reserve act of 1913 as it is unconstitutional
     •    Retroactively limit the amount of media entities one company can own and ban cross ownership of television/radio/newspaper in any given city
     •    Put the $15,000,000/day that goes to Israel in foreign aid to better use

     The Israeli offense against Gaza, paid for with hard earned American taxpayer dollars, is in reality not against Hamas, but is used as a cover in an attempt to completely destroy the region. Israel needs to be declared the terrorist state that it is, all funding halted, sanctions imposed and war crime trials to begin. Illegal settlements need to be removed and the land given back to the rightful owners, borders replaced with the original allotment given in 1948.

     Israel is not a friend of the United States, everything they do is against us, not for us. People see this, and are disgusted with previous governments lack of leadership concerning these issues. Do not let this happen while you are in office, you have all of us with you, please do everything in your power to make this earth a better place to call home.

     Dale Spencer

     Israel is currently receiving $15,000,000 per day of American taxpayer dollars. This money is being given by the U.S. government with no oversight and no agreement for return of the funds. This money is added to the national debt and accumulates interest owed to the (unconstitutional) Federal Reserve. Items being bought with this money include tanks, machine guns, rockets, fighter jets, other weapons of war and whatever else they desire. Bulldozers are bought to fell olive trees, a vital source of income for many Palestinians, their homes demolished as well to make room for illegal Israeli settlements. Israel was placed on Palestinian land in 1948, maps established. Since then The Israeli border has been furthered and furthered into land that is not theirs. Terrorizing Palestinians on a daily basis, violence and death against their men women and children who protest because they are losing their homes. A huge apartheid wall constructed beyond the borders of Israel, blocking needed food, medicine, electricity and supplies from getting to Palestine. A media blackout in effect so as that the world cannot see the situation being forced upon them. This is what your $15,000,000 a day is buying.

     What else could this money be spent on, in America this could be scholarships, medical equipment, charity donations or funding research and development of cures and vaccines. How many lives could be saved in impoverished nations, how many malaria nets, how many wells, livestock, schools, hospitals or start-ups could this buy.

     With what's being given to Israel, you'd figure some thanks, instead you get the opposite. Through Jewish owned media, you get threats, through the Jewish owned private bank the Federal Reserve you get fleeced, Israel using the United States military as a flyswatter against neighboring nations, resulting in the loss of many brave soldiers sent to do Israel's bidding. The people you see, walking down the street, on the bus, in a restaurant see what Israel is doing to America, Americans, and the rest of the world. This hard earned money could be doing so much more, instead of now where it is being used to oppress the Palestinians.

     Israel is constantly working against you, and are being rewarded for it. The government needs to be accountable to the needs of the people who elect them, let your voice be loud, organize, petition, hold rallies. This issue among others need to be addressed, and goals accomplished.

     The mentality put forth in the Talmud started before it's writing, and has continued to get worse. You see this not only against the Palestinians, but against the world entire. We are being thought of as less than human, as incorrect as that is. One of the terms used for us is goyim, a word which translates into cattle. There are many instances such as these. Two recent commercials for tourism of Israel also show their thoughts of us. The premise of the advertisements is about the word 'shalom', at one point in this first commercial it shows an Israeli laying down in the ocean reading a newspaper, with the voice over saying shalom means 'we're glad to see you'. Coupled with the video is basically saying that that's false. The second commercial shows a man and his daughter on the beach, she put a little mud on him and in the next scene shows both father and daughter completely covered in the mud, head to toe except for the swimsuits. More of their thoughts of us. An Israeli scripted episode of the Simpsons has Marge going to a gym to exercise, the name of the gym is fashioned after the popular 'curves', in the episode they name it 'shapes'. Curves imply beauty, whereas shapes doesn't even imply human. It's also visible in Israeli scripted music video's such as one forced upon Gwen Stefani called Luxurious, where she's seen breaking piñata’s while saying 'cha-ching', 'cha-ching'. George Lucas' videogame company, previously known as LucasFilm, now known as LucasArts, created a game called 'monkey island', and that's what they think. Throughout history working against us and plotting our enslavement, every day they think of how to ruin us, and every day we must do everything in our power to stop them. The protocols must not become reality. We are losing freedoms, and we are losing lives. The protocols and all it entails affects everyone and everything that we hold dear, we cannot sit by and allow them to continue.


     Back in the 50's there was a massive scandal involving a game show which supplied the answers in advance to questions that would be asked. Recently the movie 'Quiz Show' chronicled the event. Scripted reality has become quite prevalent over the last few years, with no disclaimer stating this. Both Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy have been using 'actors' for a few years now, putting forth Zionist agenda such as threats and misdirection. There was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune at one point who tried to bring it down, when asked of her family she mentioned having two six-legged sons or some such, an obvious lie to get people thinking about these shows and what has been going on. As for Jeopardy, some might remember Ken Jennings, who won for about two months straight, basically never a wrong answer, on any topic, the new shill ala Quiz Show. I am not suggesting you watch these shows, or any other shows with Zionist agenda for that matter, there's really no point since they are put together just to threaten you.
     These two shows aren't the only ones who fall into the 'scripted reality' category, in addition are programs like cops, judge shows, recent survivor, recent American idol... One of the worst is 'The Hills', a supposed reality show based around a group of socialites. The show is completely scripted, if a scene doesn't go right they do another 'take'. The channel this runs on is MTV, who is owned by Viacom. Exposing 'The Hills' as fake would have large repercussions, bringing down MTV, and instilling skepticism towards other 'scripted reality'.
     CNN is not exempt, scripting events, hiring actors and recording it for broadcast. That is when they're not committing crimes to report on. Of
course there are real events as well, it's knowing which are which are which. The best course of action to take regarding scripted events and crimes committed is to do some research. Gather news articles from multiple sources, and put together all relevant information, making note of
inconsistencies and implausibility’s. When dealing with crimes committed, feel free to contact the local emergency services involved with information, support and resources.
     When it comes to those who are being forced into Israeli scripting, such as musicians, actors, actresses and people like David Letterman, Ellen Degeneres, Matt Groening, Seth McFarlane and others, the only point is to see what they are trying to put forward. Once you know a show has been 'taken over', there's no point in subjecting yourself to it. If the Israeli scripted song is catchy, that doesn't change the musicians situation. Anything you can do to help is needed, and appreciated


     The fourth protocol states the plot to replace religion with materialism, in an attempt to instill a self-centric ideology that places family, community and morality below ones own interest. This agenda is still being put forth through Zionist owned television, newspapers, magazines and so forth. The plot has changed slightly though, When the protocols took form a century ago, evolution had started to gain momentum and the bible falling out of favor. Figuring the bible would be thrown out and replaced with science, they pushed personal gain above all else. In spite of their efforts, we are strong, knowledgeable and do help others. With all we have accomplished thus far, there are still some who believe in the bible, in god, and in heaven and hell. The bible is comparable to Greek mythology before it, a way to explain the unexplained. Lightning, there must be some huge man in the clouds throwing it down. This was a time before microscopes and telescopes, and gave divine purpose to life, a life not fully understood in reason. Where we are at now, we know of life's origin, and yet still, many people believe in god or a higher power. Looking at life through science is even more miraculous, the years of evolution it took to get us from one-celled amoeba to where we are now is nothing short of amazing. Religion is now a thorn in our side, holding back true thought and self awareness. Life without religion is truly joyous, you need not to discard the bible to be left with nothing, you embrace science and knowledge. Trading one book of fiction for thousands of non. The bible promises ever-lasting life in heaven, a nice story, yet impossible. Everything you do is powered by electrical impulses in your brain, Everything you know is stored in grey matter. When the brain ceases to function, your thought process and memory go with it. There is ever-lasting life in the world we live, through what we leave behind. Through friends we help, art we create and accomplishments we achieve. The 'how' we are here is explained, the 'why' we are here is subjective. The meaning of life is simply that we are here, that's the meaning, it's what we do while we're here that's important. I find four reasons for existence, learn, help others, have children, and enjoy life.


     We've seen movies about the end of the world, and read articles detailing our potential demise. The outlook is not so bleak though, we are in a time of miraculous discovery, our understanding and implementation of science and technology is advancing faster and becoming better with each passing day and each idea realized. The dinosaurs had no way to stop an asteroid, but we do. There are already plans that can be put in place for such a situation. Mainly, to attach a small rocket to the side of an incoming meteor, changing it's trajectory enough to avoid a collision with earth. When it comes to the sun, which is growing and becoming gradually hotter, we have more than enough time to find a solution to this as well. When you look at how far we have come in a century, imagine the next, the next and the next. A beam of light has been teleported, from one table to another a meter away, that's a start. We have recently recreated the big bang with a particle accelerator, with advancements like these and others we can ensure our planet will survive and flourish.
     So we've saved ourselves from meteors and found a way to endure the growing sun, what about black holes. Starting at the beginning, the big bang. The universe and everything in it was once a sphere of dark matter, two electrons vibrated closer and closer to each other, then touched. This sent the enclosed matter off in every direction, and is still expanding. Pieces began to collide, creating larger masses, the larger these pieces became the more gravitational pull they held, creating rudimentary planets which grew and whose own center of gravity formed these planets into spheres. The reason everything in this universe existed as a sphere of dark matter is compression, the most possible. The black holes we will face in the future, are trying to compress the universe back into a small sphere. With future technology we will be able to either reverse the effect of a black hole or neutralize it. The speed at which all fields of science and technology are advancing is amazing, we will live a bright future.
     As for now, we have global warming, now referred to as climate change. Some look at the situation as being a natural occurrence, others saying that carbon emissions from cars, factories and so forth are the reason the polar ice caps are melting, while also contributing to hurricanes, floods and other weather related events. It would seem to be both. There are solar fluctuations which raise and lower the earth's temperature, granted, we also need to look at CO2. When CO2 is emitted into our atmosphere, it stays near the earth as it is heavier than air, not only creating hazardous breathing conditions, but also raising the temperature as CO2 retains the suns heat more than air alone. The answers to this are known, greenlife and renewable energy sources. When it comes to renewable energy, there are wind farms, solar panels and nuclear. A recent innovation harnesses ocean currents to create electricity. When it comes to greenlife, converting the CO2 back into oxygen, we have current projects, as well as some we could implement, such as covering large areas of ocean with genetically engineered water-lilies. Some specifications could include
 »Plant with the highest rate of carbon dioxide intake
 »Most active exposed area (largest leaves...)
 »Plant with the fastest rate of photosynthesis (carbon dioxide to oxygen)
 »Largest output capacity per measurement
     There sure is alot to do on this place we call home, luckily there are alot of us to do it.



     The world has been divided into two factions, Gentile (non-Jew) and Jew. This is not our doing, rather the separation put forth in the Talmud centuries ago. This distinction and mentality persists to this day. Throughout history this mindset has become worse, and worse, culminating a century ago into 'the protocols of the learned elders of zion', the minutes of meetings with the intent of global enslavement by the Jewish faction. This is a singular problem, that entwines itself into most every aspect of life. Economy, government, war, media. They play the victim, yet are the aggressors. Every day they plot new murders, new atrocities, new threats and new ways to defraud innocent people out of their hard-earned pay. Which is really what it all comes down to. To do this, they threaten the adults, and brainwash the children, fluoridated water softens up a child's cognitive ability, and the rest is up to Disney and its ilk. The 'family' channel's slogan is/was 'never a dull mom e nt', never a dull mom, while she's slaving away getting supper ready or just coming home from work, Disney is pumping un-filtered propaganda straight into her child's growing brain. If your looking to get angry, watch children's 'programming'. I remember seeing an episode of 'duck dogers' where there is a critical situation on board the ship, and 'duck dogers' sees a sign onboard that says Warning: please read, to which he says "Oh no, words!" Oh no, words?! This is the kind of anti-learning that these entities are putting forward, this and worse. They have dvd's teaching 'baby sign language', instead of language, there's 'sit and watch t.v. with me' Elmo among many other reprehensible products. If the child isn't old enough to watch television, they have Fisher-Price, a zionist toy producer attempting to ruin children from the crib.

     We have lost the lives of children, whether through the sniper attacks in Washington following 9/11 (to pass the patriot act and homeland security act), at the hands of paid mercenaries in Siem Reap, Cambodia where Maxim Michalik was shot and killed, or in other planned atrocities that they commit so as to air on 'cnn' as threats to the rest of us. The Israeli police and settlers are much less secretive in their killing of innocents in Palestine, where Israel is not allowing reporters or film crew to document their crimes. Palestine has lost many men, women, and children to the heavily armed Israeli 'soldiers'.

     We are being threatened, we are being killed, people we admire are being tortured. Torture is in no way 'self defence', for any reason. We are left with no other option than to defend ourselves humanely. This is not a situation that we want to be in, but we are.

     To start with, we need to take back what is ours,

Repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913: This is the main source of funding for Israel's illicit activities. Lincoln was shot fighting the bankers, JFK was also. With the resources we have, the dismantling of the Federal Reserve is in sight. Currently in congress, the Federal Reserve Abolition Act, HR 2755

Stop the $15,000,000/day of tax payer dollars being sent to Israel in foreign aid.

Heavily regulate the media. Retroactively dis-allowing one entities cross-ownership of television station/radio station/newspaper in any given city.

Keep government in check. Passing the legislature you want passed and repealing the legislature you don't.

     In addition to these, we must act on the following,

Definitively expose forced Israeli scripting against musicians, actors actresses and those in television.

Expose the real perpetrators responsible for crimes, atrocities and false flag terror attacks.


     It is not too much to dream of the day when it will be possible to broadcast not only the words of the singer or speaker. The time may come, and it may not be so very far distant, when listeners-in will not only hear, but see--when sitting by their own firesides.

     And akin to this development, the time may come when the listener-in will be able to transmit as well as to receive--to listen and to reply.

«Rex F. Palmer»

«Broadcasting is a Social Force»



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