Adventures in Buying Music

     Musicians are brave, and have always had our backs. Of all mediums music has been a constant sountrack in defeating global Zionism. Like the Jamiroquai song Canned Heat, music past and present has now come alive. Unfortunately though forced Israeli scripting has run rampant and they are just taking anyone they can and having them put forward their bullshit. This has been going on for a while though, such as the album The Wall, forced on Pink Floyd after the amazing album Dark Side of the Moon. that's just one example, there are others, many others. Nirvana, Annie Lennox, Metallica and more. Now the situation is where there is almost more forced Israeli albums than real ones, in mainstream albums anyhow. Now the main way to help them is to expose forced Israeli scripting, every chance you get, what would also help is to support them by buying their music, i'm not going to come down on torrents so much, and view that as something you can decide what's good with you or not, but want to let you know doing it this way is fun as well. Persoally i like having the fancy cover and a physical item to hold and read etc. I don't know how it so much helps musicians buying used albums but it's something that's okay with everyone, and a lot of fun buying from thrift stores which is where i plan to buy most of my albums unless there's something rare i would like to buy. Over my years i haven't listened to tons of albums, mostly mainstream music, instead listening to certain musicians and albums i like many times, now i plan to listen much more to catch up on ones i've missed. So this section will just be something extra for me to work on, maybe you'd like to do something like this as well

Here's the albums i've bought so far

Metallica - Kill 'Em All, Master of Puppets
-God it feels good to have found these albums. There was Death Magnetic (2008) as well but that is a taken over one so of course skipped on that. Kill 'Em All is pretty self explanatory so I will touch on Master of Puppets, it's about drugs, one lyric is “chop your breakfast on a mirror” about cocaine, but it's gotten worse and snorting cocaine seems mild to what is being done now, which i've talked at length about (crack). It is the master of puppets which ruins lives, not just the users of it but all of those around, and when you have those in control doing it, it creates a hellish life for everyone around and especially those who are the direct victims of them, which given their positions of power it is pretty much everyone down the line. Metallica was somewhat brutal, but we need some of that, and other artists have done the same but have been a bit more subdued, subtle. There is a time for both, however you like as long as you do put your effort forward, and forward, and forward. Because what is being done to us as individuals and on the whole must be stopped by any means necessary, for starters the torture that is going on has to be priority number one. It's not just Metallica who has been taken, it is happening to many, many people across the spectrum, and Zion enjoys it, ridicules the victims themselves and uses the platform of them to brainwash the rest of us. There is space to be brutal of them, there is space to be caring of us, just do what you can either way because you are needed. Stand up

Missy Elliot - Under Construction
-Speaking of creativity... i like Missy Elliot and what she does, she also looks like a very nice person. Haven't listened to her music extensively but am looking forward to doing so, starting with this album. We have a lot to construct, and judging from what we have made so far it shouldn't be too much of a problem, well physically anyhow, there's a lot of political efforts to be made first. Mainly the pillars of their power. Two good places to start which are very feasible to accomplish, although an uphill battle, would be media reform and ending the federal reserve. That's for here. We need worldwide action as well, in tandem with what we are doing. Our path, and end goal to a new start for us, is possible, it seems like, and will be, very rough going, but we can do it, all of it

Muse - The Resistance
-We must resist, and must not comply to them or grow complacent to what they are doing. The world, which needs to be our world, is in danger of being fully taken over by the Zionist entity and we cannot let them achieve that. Achieve is not really the word for what they are trying to do, neither is it something to accomplish, what they are trying to do is ruin the world, for the benefit of them and them alone with us all working to pay off insurmountable, never ending, unpayable interest on loans to governments by the federal reserve, a scheme the entire globe needs to beware of because that's their plan. A federal reserve for every nation. They are strong with America in their pocket, and have them doing their bidding worldwide, but cannot be allowed to take other governments and peoples into the same scam. This is just the start of what of theirs we need to resist

The Cure - Staring at the Sea, The Singles
-Have liked what i've heard of the group The Cure, so picked this up, I haven't listened to it yet but noticed the first track is called Killing An Arab and there are no lyrics in the cover, it is probably an opposing song so hope it is and not some from the other side. Palestine is the neighbor of Israel, well to be more accurate it's all Palestine since “Israel” was given to the Jews first in writing in 1917 in the Balfour Declaration, then a division created by force in the 1948 catastrophe, The starting of Arabs being killed for that piece of land. We have lost many of our Arab brothers to the forced neighbors of Palestine, who are of course more than upset at the land theft they have faced and still face on a daily basis, more land, more land, more land for the occupiers and a shrinking Palestine for the original, native inhabitants. Israel thinks they can get away with what they are doing there, and to some extent they do, as it doesn't make the American news on cnn and the other media controlled by them. They kill Arabs on a daily basis, ones who are brave enough to take them on, let them take us on and the scale will tip in the Arab favor, they who need our help from the forced upon them occupiers. Do not let them get away with anything they do, let alone killing any more Arabs

AC/DC - Live
-This is the double album, i already have the single one so was happy to see this version which i had and listened to many times when i was younger. Unfortunately Malcolm Young has passed recently and it's really upsetting, nice guy from what i know. Am hoping the band stays together and continues to tour, i have never been to an AC/DC concert so the closest i've been is this album, and the only major concert that i have been to was a Metallica one which i completely enjoyed, that was around the time of the black album. But yes, an AC/DC concert would sure be something to see, so i hope they can still get out there and perform as good as ever, am sure they can dedicate each show to Malcolm at the beginning of the concert. Stay well AC/DC

Beyonce - Dangerously In Love
-The super-talented Beyonce. This is the first album i get of hers even though i've always been a fan. How many real albums was she able to release as a solo artist? Don't bother reading into either her nor Jay-Z's lyrics, they are not theirs. It would be nice if they were allowed to relax a bit to raise a nice family together, it can't be easy though with being forced over and over into bullshit songs and videos. Most of the musicians now are not afforded that life, a good life, which they deserve. i call on all musicians to take any and every moment they have to expose forced Zionist scripting. Give your fellow musicians help, and they help you, this forcing has got to be stopped, they will not stop what they're doing on their own so it is up to us to do the stopping of them

Bjork - Vespertine, Medulla
-Creativity. We could all use some. If you have it and can think of something good to do to help us with it, go for it

Jamiroquai - Synkronized
-The mentioned song Canned Heat is on this album, and we're still canning when we can, for instant help or for down the line it's important to get your message out there for others to hear, musicians of course, if possible, but definitely everyone else also, outside of music in any way you think will do well

Jimi Hendrix - The Ultimate Experience
-Had this album a long time ago as well and am happy to have found it again. We are the watchtower, that hopefully doesn't just watch but takes action. If you want to watch, talk about what you see, collaborate with others and get some changes happening where need be. i of course talk about media which is where much of America's problems originated, are, and will be in the future unless media reform is put forward and acted upon, don't let it be a dreamy wouldn't it be nice thought, get it done, it's completely possible to do and will make such a massive difference in everyone's life, a complete 180 in terms of happiness across the board compared to how it is now

Metallica - Through The Never, Live
-These were given to me by a friend who knows i like Metallica, Through the Never album is from the same titled 2013 documentary so i don't know the validity of the intentions of this music compilation or the documentary itself, i am still very happy with the gift though, and this live album looks to be good as well

Moby - Animal Rights, 18 B-Sides
-Can't go wrong with Moby. Wish i could listen to this latest set of albums i picked up but my computer is going screwy at the moment and crashes often so can't really make the mp3's of these and i don't have a stereo to listen to them that way either so will try to pick up said stereo for instances like this. Moby makes great music and makes me wish i could do that as well, but there is no possibility of that happening since i just don't have that ability, so instead enjoy very much what all these wonderful and talented musicians do

Orbital - Work 1989-2002
-Volenteer your time, you are needed and we are depending on you. Spend at least some of your day on the cause and help however you are able. There are enough of us, us being Gentile, that we can do this, i won't say easily, but yes we have the means and ability. Live your life, live it well, but please do what you can for the rest of us whenever and however you can

Pink Floyd - Animals
-The tracks on here are Pigs, Dogs, and Sheep. i have before given my respect to the police officers who protect us, thank you, so the pigs referred to on this album are not them, what Pink Floyd are talking about is the swine that gorge on the worlds feeding bucket, hogging it all for themselves, if they did it morally there would be a difference, i love capitalism, have a good idea, product or service and get rich? Great, enjoy! What i have a problem with is when someone, some... entity, casts aside other peoples well being for the benefit of themselves. Do well honestly, bonus if it's for other people, and there's nothing wrong with that, it's the ones who work against you that must be held accountable. Dogs, we are the dogs, it's a compliment. Protectors of each other is what we need to be, and helping each other is what we need to do. Sheep? Don't be one. This is not the time to be complacent, there are some others doing everything they can to fleece you so you can't just live a happy carefree life the way you want to. Instead you must stand up for yourself, stand up for your family and stand up for your friends and neighbors. The global community is under attack and America is the main victim, not Americans mind you, America the machine, which it's people are in a dream state where the only thing that matters is entertainment and self preservation. Snap out of it! There is a war going on and we need you. i don't mean to be rude in any way to the citizens of America, but they are being used by the forces of Zion into doing the bidding of those in control, and it's going on right now which shows that there is something really wrong being done under the name of the United States of America. Do not stand for it, be loud and assertive of your rights, the opposition tries to keep you in the dark, so shine light for your friends, and they are your friends even if not quite knowing of what's going on behind the distractions, let them in on what's being done. There is no space for sheep, if you are a sheep, you lose, you and we all lose, don't let that happen

R.E.M. - Dead Letter Office
-Now we have e-mail, don't be shy about speaking with other nations, good media, concerned corporations or anyone and everyone else you can think of

Sade - Love Deluxe
-i'm in love with do-gooders, aren't we all?

The Chemical Brothers - Come With Us, Push The Button
-i hope Kim Jong-un doesn't push the button. Sorry about Trump, try not to pay him much attention, he is on his way out and will hopefully be replaced with someone capable of holding that office. As for South Korea, i know there's some tension but they for sure look to be good people and i think you two would get along well, maybe you can participate in the coming Olympics, that would be cool. i like Kim and hope he and his nation do well, if and when he joins us, and he can, we can all get along together to help and benefit each other. What seems to be a major obstacle in this is the United States' nuclear arsenal, let me tell you though that Trump does not have a 'button' and must go through many checks and balances to even attempt to launch a missile, it won't happen, but that is a threat though that needs to be taken away, both sides need to agree that obviously nuclear war is not in anyone's interest or well being and to step away from going that direction

The Matrix - Music From The Motion Picture
-This soundtrack is really great, i won't say as good as the movie but they go together. The Matrix is probably in my top 5 list and i enjoy it very much. As for the meaning of it, we are the power the opposition feeds on, it's a nice day for shopping after all (don't worry i like shopping as well) We bumble around in malls when not working, buying cool stuff mind you, but it's all about the taxes that go to pay off the debt (America again). What the new world order is about, as far as i'm concerned, is having a global Federal Reserve, so as that all money flows through their coffers for them to take a piece, that's the plan. So we live our lives normally, as best we can and enjoying our life and our spending, and they sit back and watch their scam being run and the money increase at an unimaginable rate. They are trying to protect this at all costs, hence the American media (most all). The television is the world pulled over your eyes, a false reality schemed to produce the type of citizens that it wants and thinks will be the most productive and least problematic. Work against this mindset and those who administer it, do not be complacent to the television, it (the mass majority) is not your friend. Once you know a channels allegiance do not frequent their brainwashing attempts on you, why would you? Stick with those who are on your side, not the ones who are against you. The internet is where we rule, and cannot let it be ruined, such as with the ruling against net neutrality which i hope gets repealed and we must do what we can about that, or in any other way that would stifle this medium that we have. See through the veil they have put up, and through to the other side, then do what you can to help others do the same

The Tragically Hip - Live Between Us
-While Gord Downie was alive he performed this concert, and now he is still here singing for us

Bjork - Homogenic
-Bjork is as original as you can get, she has made a career on being anything but mainstream, doing just what she wants and how she wants it without thinking about what would be popular. She has many fans and has been making music for a long time and i hope she is still going to be able to. She has a new album which looks to be hers, i hope it is and that she can continue, but she probably won't be able to. What a sad state they, we, are in

Blue Rodeo - Tremolo
-The music industry is in shambles, it's all forced, and if an artist gets one song out the rest are given false videos for them until their next album which will be completely taken. if you find a good song that really is great, you won't be able to find many anymore though. Help how you can

Daft Punk - Homework
-This album has the track Around the World, which is a great song and has a great video for it. Don't forget that we can go global, and need to

Eminem - The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers LP, The Re-Up
-Watched 8 Mile yesterday evening and liked it a lot, and just today found these three albums, which now completes the main ones to get, Slim Shady lp, Marshall Mathers lp and The Eminem Show, these were the main ones i wanted to get but there might be another one or two before he got taken over

Kelis - Tasty
-There are many strong black female voices in music, if anyone's looking for some they are well represented in such

Linkin Park - Live In Texas
-Chester Bennington looks like he was such a good guy, he will be, and is, missed by many. i don't know what the band is going to do, there are many different paths to take, if they continue releasing albums they will most likely be forced ones as was happening before Chester leaving. Maybe they could just tour, with a singer willing to step in. Whatever they choose i'm sure Chester would agree that would be okay

Ludacris - Release Therapy
-Luda is someone i like very much and is a good role model with his music (the real songs) and otherwise in his life. He is in quite a few movies and one of my favorites which is Crash. A recent forced song of his, i don't remember the title, has him not rapping Zionist propaganda directly, but has him rapping about nothing at all. With all that's going on he would not be silent on the issues we have and serves as filler to get people to buy the rest of that album that has the agenda there. There are a variety of tactics of Zion that get put forth in forced music, so you have to be on the lookout for what they are doing, and again, if a musician has been taken over at all, then all of their 'music' since then is the same source

Metric - Fantasies
-There's a song on Metric's album Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? called Dead Disco, the Zionist entity is still in the disco mindset though, the time is over but they like that era and the 'fun' that was had, they are trying to keep that time alive but it's gone, we have moved forward, they haven't. The world isn't just one big party and we have so much good to do but are being held back by the ones that want to 'party' with our money, and their constant need for more of our money. Let's look and make way towards a future of happiness, our happiness

Rammstein - Rosenrot
-German metal, i don't speak German but like what i've heard regardless. As for Germnay itself, they need to be brave and lead again, instead of cowering under the threat of being labeled "anti-semitic". There's a Rammstein song that's not on this album called Amerika, and the video from what i remember is about the faked American moon landing. now this get's clumped into being a conspiracy theory, but what that is is a theory about a conspiracy. notice how no-one has gone 'back' to the moon. with all of the points from either side let me just ask one thing, how did the astronauts that walked on the moon get back to earth? if they needed a rocket to get the ship into space in the first place how did they get their tin can back off of the moon and back to earth? that's what bothers me or makes me question how they 'did' that

Taylor Swift - Speak Now
-The Taylor Swift album i picked up before this one, Fearless, i said i wasn't really into her music, sorry about that, i do like her real music, not because it's my style but because it's her's, and she is a good person so i like what she does

Leona Lewis – Spirit
-A person's spirit, as far as i'm concerned, is a culmination of all the parts of a being's brain, the matter for memory, for current thoughts and of the electricity that puts it all together for us to function. The spirit is what we have when we are alive, it doesn't transfer, the bits of brain that hold those memories, the precise activity of your thought process and said electricity that binds it stops when you cease to live. This makes life much more precious, knowing that there is nothing else after, well, unless you get buried and become worm food, then your parts nourish those and you become entwined with nature to be useful for eternity through osmosis of sorts, but the memories and electricity that powers your brain and body ends so there is no continuing after death. Now this is just science, and i am not looking to debunk religions, in fact I don't mind most religions, they for the most part have good intentions, morals, and lessons to learn and follow, i just think life is better through the acceptance of what we have discovered since then. Religion began by people digging holes for their dead people and wanted for there to be something after, some continuance for their loved ones, but we do live on through those said ripples we leave behind, even through and moreso our genetics that we can pass on. Life is a wonderful thing, if we were not alive we wouldn't be around to appreciate it but we are, so we have to make the best of it. Right now there is a group who is trying to ruin our lives, the Zionist entity, who through a long line of family have judged themselves to be above all others, it's not true though, they are not, we are all just good at different things, them included, it just goes that what they have studied is how to screw us over, so that is what they are doing and have been doing. Again, life is a wonderful thing that we should be in constant appreciation of to have, and with death being permanent (come on second life through cloning although having your dna passed to your offspring is just as good just different and unique) it makes our lives so much more important. Life should be a celebration of goodness, and nip Zion in the bud before it becomes worse than it is, it is currently in control of America but wants to be in control of the world, so that all monies flow to their own private coffers, money is a necessity of course, it's just how it's handled and we can do much better and much fairer to say the least. The opposition has their spirit as well, a genealogy that has been passed down exclusively by not going with any of us “lowly beings”. Their spirit is taking advantage of ours, our humanity, our born with goodness. We have bad examples of people of our own yes, and we take care of those as we are able, but the problem with Zion is that it is systemic, or systemic enough to say so, it shows in what they do, it is unfortunate that it is being done, and unfortunate that we have to deal with what they are doing, but the fate of the world is in the balance and if no one stops them we are all ruined, that is not an overstatement it is just going by their courses of action. All in all, spirit is made up of a mixture of the physical parts of your brain and the intangible electricity that is going through it at all times connecting you to your body, the outside world and how you perceive it and interact, be thankful for this and all your blessings, be opposed to those that seek to undermine you, your life, and your loved ones to further their own gains at your expense

Metric - Old World Underground Where Are You Now
-The underworld is alive and well, just a bit quieter than would be best. Make a fuss, it's needed and worth it for our future to be safe and happy. We all have different expertise's so put yours up to help, if we all get involved the opposition doesn't stand a chance, it's just getting you out there and started that we need. If you've already started, keep going, if you haven't now would be the time to do so. I see sports stadiums filled to the brim with excited people, we need that at the places of our governments, rallying for causes we believe in deeply. We can shape our future, every one of us has a part, it's majority rules so be involved and make yourself heard, if one person can make a difference imagine two, two thousand, two million... imagine you, sending emails to your government, your media, foreign governments, foreign media, the list goes on and on and it's your duty to do so, in really any way you see best but as long as you are taking part. Be proud of what you do for us, as long as you do and do well

Björk - Post
-There's a song on this album i've known for a while, titled It's Oh So Quiet. it's about being alone, being in love, being alone, being in love. i hope for all of you in relationships that they last for your entire life, this song is only partially about that. i would love to keep doing this for the rest of my life, and hope to do so, it's just a matter of how long i live. Personally i think cancer will do me in, and i kind of want that (as opposed to the alternative). What will happen after? Will there be a lull then someone else? as far as i'm concerned am doing the best that at least i can, but there will maybe be someone else, something different, i can't imagine what for the life of me but there i think will always be the need for someone. if it were up to me i'd want that this goes to Every one, that might be best. There's a song by George Michael called Careless Whisper, it was voted the number one song of all time by Rolling Stone or some such, it's a great song but i think it was the meaning that got it that distinction. i have no idea when i'll go, of course i would like for it to be painless, maybe it's a ways off but i did smoke for most of my life only quitting a few years back but think that might catch up with me. You can be sure that i will continue doing this for as long as i am able, but am hoping i taught you how to fish

Hilary Duff - Hilary Duff, Most Wanted
-Hilary Duff sure is one A+ woman, i'd like to talk about a song or two of her's here though. The first track is Wake Up (on a Saturday night) but really any night or day. Pay attention, see through the opposition. This is one of my favorite songs in general but is also followed closely by another song on this album Beat of My Heart, about the opposition being dealt with to the beat of her heart which is beating fast i'm sure as she has since this been taken over, so to the rhythm of the wonderful heart of Hilary we continue, for her and everyone else who is suffering

Lumidee - Almost Famous
-We are all famous, it's relative, only difference is the numbers. There's a good song by Pink titled Trouble about being trouble in your town (good trouble would be best)(the www is a town too i imagine). Pretty much all of us have family of ours and a close circle of friends if you're fortunate enough, even if not now would be the opportune time to let your voice be heard, to make yourself known, i'm thinking online but however you figure you would be best doing. Even that close circle of friends is pretty sweet to have, being well known is as much a curse as it is a blessing so don't go thinking it's all glitter and gold. Don't just be famous, be renowned, for what you are good at, everybody has something they are good at, let yours be seen. i'd be amiss if i didn't talk about Lumidee some, never thought i'd see this album but hey there it was, am happy to have this to listen to now. Also really hope she is doing well, the main track, that i know of anyhow on this album is Never Leave You, which has always been one of my favorite go to songs when i want to cheer up, would be happy if i can be here for her by doing this, that's the best i can offer

The Killers - Sam's Town
-if this were my town there would be Stormtroopers, good ones, on our side, day and night, Stormtroopers. Star Wars The Force Awakens was a wash-out, but i understand. i haven't seen Rogue One or the soon to be released The Last Jedi, but i wish, wish, wish them to be good. Something that worries me is that J.J. Abrams was hired on to direct some future movies of those, which i thought went to someone else to do the sequels. Guess i'll take each one as they come, it would be fantastic if they were great, and i still think a (many) Disney Star Wars would, can be, the best thing ever (again relative but would be pretty amazing). Hey, The Killers, Stormtroppers, i guess there is some kind of correlation

Gorillaz - Demon Days
-This album looks to be great and i like a lot of the singles have heard from it. One of the songs here is the often mentioned DARE, and i dare you to deal with forced Zionist scripting, always talk about it, which is better than what's being talked about now. This will be the Zionist downfall. i believe the title, demon days, is about us having to be strong emotionally about what we have to do, it's a temporary time for us to go through and emphasis on the have to. i wonder if a musician will be the one to expose forced scripting to the public, somehow

Modest Mouse - Good News For People Who Love Bad News
-One day there won't be much more bad news to report, i have Zion covered, sometimes there isn't anything i want to put forward and there are slow days but i always do check. Don't let that slow you down, talk about issues that matter concerning our current situation, anything you want really, i do suggest Zion 24/7 though as that is our first trouble to deal with. Whatever you talk about make it count, don't throw away your time on subjects that won't help move us in the right direction. i repeat, do not waste time, be a soldier for our cause with your own contributions, if you want to know, that would make me happy, what's been going on way too much does not. it's the opposite of what you might figure. As for good news and bad news, i try to have both however they happen, and there are both, it's nice to hear when the good happens and is important to expose when the other happens so they can't keep doing it. There will for the most part always be something to concentrate on, so concentrate on what's put forward or whatever else you'd like to do to help. You matter and give yourself less credit than you are worth, make a difference, large or small and as often as possible

The Verve - Urban Hymns
-This group seems to have many albums, this one having one of their more famous songs, Bittersweet Symphony. Bitter and sweet are of course both tastes, tastes we all share in one way or another, the good times, the not, it would be nice to have life be more sweet than sour, and to me it is. We are at the pinnacle of achievements for humankind, and are accelerating at a staggering pace, however there are some groups who attempt to stifle us. As for the sweet though, we have so much to enjoy, i am always amazed at how far we have come in such a short period of time, look at everything we're doing, have achieved. In medicine, technology, arts... All very sweet yet we have others trying to give us the bitter taste in our mouth, in our mind. Let's truly enjoy what we have done and continue to strive for even better, advancing more and more in an even greater race to the perfection of each of our endevours. There are a few priorities though, environment and space travel, those would be top of the list for me anyhow and it am sure concerns you as well. So much sweetness, and loving what we are makes us not able to tolerate the bitter, spit that out and let's get back to having good lives and creating good lives for those down the line

B.O.B. - Strange Clouds
-i think the title song is unfortunately a drugs reference but i'm waiting for clouds of our own making, which will be a temporary moment in our time and blow away with the wind

Chris Rock - Bigger and Blacker
-Have always liked Chris, and this album looks to be a mix of stand up and songs, pretty cool and will be fun to listen to

Divine Brown - The Love Chronicles
-This album looks very nice, i don't know that much about Divine Brown but will enjoy this for sure. Someone i do know more about is Mary J. Blige, and she was on a show i like watching this morning, i didn't see the whole show of this day's but right when they said Mary J. was next it was time for my lunch which is at a fixed time. So regretfully i went down for lunch when i should have stayed regardless to see her live. Now that will bother me. i like Mary J. and want to help her with the situation she is in along with other musicians as well. The word situation doesn't really give the gravity of what's going on, but they do need your help. Help all of them the best you can because this will continue on like it's going if you don't

Eminem - The Eminem Show
-i'm not avoiding Eminem, in addition to this album i'm looking to pick up the Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers ones when i see them. The lyrics of his are mostly Slim's, not Marshalls, if you know what i'm meaning by that, so i don't look badly at him and will like listening to the mentioned albums, not the taken ones. i bet Marshall is actually a really nice guy, who's gone through some rough points, an addiction to painkillers has got to suck and i hope he's better or on the way to being better. 8 mile would be a good movie to watch, i'll try to pick that up sometime, the song from it 'Lose Yourself' is actually one of my favorites and the movie looks great on it's own merits. 8 mile is a real place, located in Detroit, i actually get an ABC affiliate from Detroit which is pretty sweet, i don't watch much television but am really happy to have found this. ABC is owned by Disney, which is amazing, and i really am enamored with the channel and it's existence, an American channel that is good you say? it's true! Keep up the good work. As for Eminem, i have never listened to a full album of his so will be something kind of special to do, i would have liked to hear all his albums in order (the real ones) and might still do that if i see them soon enough. Best wishes to Eminem, and best wishes to Detroit

Oasis - Be Here Now
-YOU be here now, there are so many people counting on you to do your part. Inaction will ruin us as they constantly work against each and everyone else. We need to counteract what they are doing, concentrate on that and don't be led astray or on paths that don't help move us forward. Always be a force to be reckoned with, alone if you want but even better in tandem with the rest of the globe. Whatever you want to do to help is great and needed, just make your voice time the best it can be in getting things to happen

Rod Stewart - It Had to Be You... The Great American Songbook
-it's a shame about the music we have to deal with now, but it's not our shame, it's theirs. We have a very extensive great American songbook, the real songs of ours, to love and help us by, except now we have to be skeptical of what is a real song of ours and what is theirs forced upon the singers and bands. Something we need a lot of and right now are songs about forced Zionist scripting (we can do more than songs and please do in addition to those) let's see that happen as if there's one thing to expose, although there's is much more than that, then this would be it

Barry White - The Best of Barry White
-There are many reasons people love each other, none detracting from the others, i feel a good relationship is built on honesty, faithfulness and things in common, with at least these all contributing to a long and happy life together

Blue Rodeo - The Days In Between, Small Miracles, The Things We Left Behind
-The title of the first mentioned album is where we're at, not the beginning of this, not the end either, but the days in between. Get as much done for us as you possibly can, make your mark during this time we have, you are needed by many. We are going forward but too slowly as far as i'm concerned, we need to stay on topic and not drift off at all which is happening more than desired. Make small miracles and leave the opposition the one in behind

Bryan Adams - Live! Live! Live!, The Best of Me
-i like live albums (and Bryan Adams) very much, they have a time in place of a wonderful event, music for the most part being a wonderful expression of thought. You don't have to be a musician to have a wonderful live event, it's what you do other than that as well, what you put forward and contribute with your time. There are so many instances of this, of your time and expression, the ones you've made, are making, and will make down the line

Colbie Caillat - All Of You
-i'd rather have all of you rather than all of me, the scale tips in your direction

Faith Evans - Keep the Faith
-am a fan of the Bad Boy family and Faith Evans is a pillar in their legacy, this album is new to me but am sure will enjoy it

John Legend - Once Again
-John (is a) Legend. He is very talented and has a super amazing life with his wonderful wife Chrissy. They look to be extremely happy with each other. Well.. not everything is going well with J.L., he's been taken over as with so many others. a great happiness ruined, they have life with each other but are being not only prevented of speaking their voice but have it being used to mislead those who listen to him. Hopefully he'll be free at some point (that is up to us to do) when he can make real music and love his wife completely

Lil' Kim - The Notorious KIM
-i bought this at where i most always buy my music, at a thrift store, and was helped by a very nice woman who happens to wear a hijab, a modesty scarf. so she put this through but must have thought something or other about Lil'Kim on the cover wearing nothing but a pair of unzipped jeans and some jewels and me buying this album. Being a fan of Kim and the rest of those at Bad Boy i am looking forward to listening to this album, but yes, it's pretty risque visually and has sexual lyrics on the songs themselves. in North America and Europe etc we are allowed to dress and show ourselves to a bare minimum, not everyone wants to and that is perfectly fine, the parts in question around the world are different and normally based on what parts of the body have to do sexually and are repressed to varying degrees. a hijab or as mentioned modesty scarf is just fine as that is custom where it originates and is kept as tradition and mindset wherever they choose to make home, personally i think it looks pretty nice. As for the burka that's a bit much and starts to infringe on the rights of the woman in question since they are forced to wear it by the men in their lives, a jealousy garb so other men don't look at their wives. Should it be banned? not really, but a way out of that should be given if needed. As for Lil' Kim, go for it, you're allowed if you want to, you have the choice, it's not a perfect world though and doing so will bring attention that you might not want, that's the way it is, so dress accordingly. As for women with hijab's, they do look very nice, keep wearing them as you like

Pearl Jam - Vitalogy
-We're at a good spot right now, i hope we have outdone any anti-songs that may have been before or at the beginning of when this started. i don't even count anti-songs that have been forced, they don't count, all they count for is being a testament to the musician's being harmed, something i also have hope will be the topic of many songs to be

Taylor Swift - Fearless
-This was available to buy and i think Taylor Swift is cool so picked it up. it's not really my type of music but will listen to it anyhow since it's really her, unlike everything Shake it Off and after which are not. There are many people of ours to save, if you want a good example of the goodness being harmed it would be hard to find someone moreso than Taylor

Bloc Party - Silent Alarm
-Haven't heard a lot of this group, i have the album Intimacy but haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. From what i remember seeing of them they look pretty good though. As for the title Silent Alarm, the world wide web isn't very noisy on it's own but the people on it can be and should be very vocal both on it and off. The cores of our systems have been breached, and we are the alarm

Celine Dion - All the Way... A Decade of Song
-Ripples, people leave ripples. Condolences to Celine on her late husband of life René Angélil. As all of us progress through life we create effects from our actions, both good ones and the not, so try to make them all the good types. Our actions continue outward and interact with other people and entities, right away and down the line, even continuing on after the original source leaves. You can set in motion a wonderful chain of events, or ones that effect others negatively. We want all of us to be, and continue to, put forward positive motions, but we need to stand up for ourselves and others along the way, sometimes needing to take actions that even the hardest of us wince at but must complete so that we can have those happy lives and stop others from ruining the lives we care for. However let's be positive through the storm and keep the morals we have and hold dear, even if we have to put some of those by the wayside for a short time to get to the spot we desire to be. René Angélil was a loving husband, and is survived by Celine and their three children who not only have their Father's genetics but his loving care and the time he had with them. He has helped his family and set much positivity forward to others as well, so he will live on through what he has done throughout his entire life and will live onward in a wonderful way because of that. The same can be said for any of us, to put the best you can forward, as it makes a difference in other people's lives whether directly or not. As was said in Newton's third law, 'for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction', so be positive, and do positive things, you will receive the same back to you for the most part, except when you encounter the opposite, someone trampling all over you for their own benefit and putting forth negative behavior that you and or others become the victim of. The Zionist entity is a negative producing factor to be dealt with, they do not care who gets ruined in their path, it is only a world for them is what is thought. To save this world of ours from them we need to do some things that do make us wince, in order to protect the ones we not only love but everyone we care about, and we need to care about each other all of whom are under the trampling of Zionist feet. Everyone's actions create these ripples, so make yours count, stand up for us and against those who are harming others for their own greed, and that is what it all comes down to, greed, of crushing the people we are to extract the money from us. Let them reap what they have sown, and they have sown misery, let us stop their outreaching ripples from splashing against us by ending the source of this negative effect producing group of selfish beings, if we don't this will go on and on and get worse and worse so we need to have immediate and continuous action against them. In the future lets just have good ripples, ones for us

Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams
-Haven't heard a lot from Jack Johnson either but remember a song or two that i liked from him so figured to pick this up. For dreams, there's one which am sure we all share, one of a peaceful life for us and our loved ones, at that for all of us, strangers near and ones worldwide. With people we trust at the helm of our varied institutions, people who have our best interests in mind, who care about doing a good job for the many people and not against them. We have so much to do, but there are enough of us to do it, each taking part in their own areas of expertise and continuing until that part is fixed, then to keep it that way. Dreams do come true, we as a group of people have had many celebrations of success in our endeavors, many dreams fulfilled, now we have a new set to work on, and it will require all of us, continue forward with the focus being group effort, there's a part for each of us in making this dream a reality, it won't be easy but we have no other route

The Tragically Hip - World Container
-After the much too soon passing of Gord Downie i have been listening to the Hip's catalogue of music from front to back, the albums i have of theirs anyhow, and must say that they are in a league of their own. The lyrics which from what i know are Gord's, and the music backdrops to them are utterly brilliant. Have heard of Gord Downie being referenced as Man, Machine, Poet, and the lyrics really do sound like that, poetry that is. Now there is his family, friends, bandmates and listeners to carry on his legacy, his Music at Work, and now it is. i'm sure the band, after some time, will tour some more with a new singer, playing Hip songs, maybe some new ones, and i hope they do, am sure the topic came up during those trying times and am sure Gord approved. i will say again, am going to miss him so much, i am sure he brightened up the lives of the people that knew him personally, wish i was one of them but at least he was there doing his thing, and so well at that. One of the issues Gord cared so deeply about was the condition and treatment of the Indigenous peoples of Canada, Canada being his home country. If we want to honor his legacy this part must not be forgotten, we can progress with this and make things better for those affected, not just for Gord of course, for the mentioned peoples, although i'm sure he would be very happy for us to do this in the ways we can. The last two albums to be released from him are 'The Secret Path' and another, a solo one directed to loved people in his life. If these two albums are really his and not forced as the many other musicians' are and have been then i would be very happy for him. The Tragically Hip have been making music for three decades and have a major backlog of music for you to listen to if you haven't yet. As a fan, The Tragically Hip are fantastic, enjoy the music and lyrics, they are now ours for eternity. Thank you for everything you've done Gord Downie, we will cherish what you've given us and work towards making better the issues you've cared about

Bloc Party - Intimacy
-Life can be fun, fun but it must not be at anyone elses expense. The oppostion who forced Miley Cyrus to sing about the Party in the U.S.A. must be ended, they are putting us to ruin for their own benefit. We have tried many times and many ways to stop what they are doing but are left with no more alternitives as they continue against us and are not stopping on their own. Let's have a party ourselves, after we rid all of our different nations from the ones who are treating us as lowly cattle

Sam Roberts - The Inhuman Condition, Love at the End of the World
-For the human condition, that is the basis of us all, us all. We have the shared desires and shared feelings of what we do not desire. We must treat each other well, except for the sole instance of the Zionist entity, we have tried being nice and look what we get back, torture of us, murder of us, swindling of us. and unfortunately it will go on and on until we do what we must against them. There's a song on this album, and it was put forth as a single, 'Where Have All the Good People Gone', They're here and there are many, you just don't hear about them as often. i believe the good people outnumber the not, and sometimes the not are just oblivious to what they are doing and the thoughts of others. it's less in nature than the opposition, but we have amongst ourselves problems of our own, people who need to be aware of the feelings and well being of others of us. The good people are many, and there are good people inside some who are unaware of it themselves, there can be redemption of ours and bad behavior remedied, sometimes there are powerful reasons for negative actions, even when they know it is wrong, but we still have a few chances for them as opposed to the Zionist entity which is all out of our chances and sympathy

Sophie B. Hawkins - Tongues and Tails, Whaler
-i always really liked the track 'Damn i Wish i Was Your Lover' and found two albums by her today. am not familar with her other songs but figured to give her a listen

2Pac - Better Dayz
-Tupac is phenomenal, i'm not as much into the battle that happened between East and West, maybe in a history perspective, but everything else is just wow. i hope we get better days as well, it won't happen on it's own though, we need to stand up and put the much needed time, effort and willpower into it. There is so much to do, so each of us needs to focus on the best way you are able to help and get to it. Our better days aren't going to happen on their own, and it actually gets worse and worse without action on our part, we need to counteract what is being done against us and go forward with our own global agenda, one of comradary, not worldwide wars for profit against each other as it is now. The global plan that is being worked against us past, present and future is one of grief and despair, of global strife for the benefit of the few, let's change that. We have one faction against the rest of us, against the world, and they must not succeed, worldwide happiness versus woldwide slavery, it won't be easy but they are few and we must topple the pillars that prop them up such as their media, government funding, and financial entities, after that it will be easier and are all things we want for ourselves anyhow, replacing their corruption with our carefully regulated, public minded institutions. Let's all look forward to better days, globally, and go about the means to achieving them

Blackstreet - Another Level
-am happy that there are many good African American role models out there. Hollywood doesn't put the spotlight on them as much as they could but they are there, in day to day life most of course but also dominating in not only music and sports but in every part of the fabric that makes up our community and our society. it must be rough in some aspects, growing up black and all the hardships that go with that, but still being able to have pride and shine throughout. Enjoy your goodness, do well and exceed in what you do, despite of anyone trying to put you down. Be that good role model, for others to follow, whether on a grand scale like a stadium or just in life with family and friends, lead by example, however you find that is best

Jem - Finally Woken
-i remember liking the track 'They' and have always been kind of on the lookout for this album, and today found it. Are you all on board for having been finally woken? if anyone out there hasn't been yet you can help them along

Kasabian - Kasabian
-had the opportunity to listen to this album last night and liked it a lot, recommended

The Chemical Brothers - Surrender
-This album looks good but we cannot surrender, ever, if we cannot fulfill our goal ourselves we can let someone else do it, as long as we achieve the same outcome

Blue Rodeo - Diamond Mine
-i'm not a fan of worthless Jewish trinkets, but they do shine, and that's the point of the song, and i don't have a monopoly on figurative diamonds either. The songs of ours are diamonds, the books, the movies, even a few videogames, and other different mediums we work on. Put forward what you can, and always make it the best you are able. Even if it's not perfect just get it out there

Fall Out Boy - From Under the Cork Tree
-These guys are pretty cool, do i have to say that they've been taken over? That's pretty much default for every band out there right now

Linkin Park - Meteora
-A lot of work was put in by the band on this album, i know, most albums that is very true for, but Linkin Park really put so much effort into Meteora. i don't like every song on this album but the guys were speaking their mind, early 2000's were awkward, one way or the other, but as said if everything didn't happen exactly the way it did we wouldn't be here. But that is trivial, what i really want to talk about is Chester Bennington. A life of ours lost, he couldn't take the Zionist torture and ended himself. He looks like he was a great person too, a real loss, he wasn't even overtly singing anti-Zion on Linkin Park albums, even anti at times, they took him anyway. Some day, some how, this will be exposed, and i. can't. wait.

Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols
-Bollocks has two definitions, 1. Testicles. 2. to express contempt, annoyance, or defiance
1. Testicles, we have them, Zion uses them as threats. No torture is right, if it wasn't for those it would be something else, so you have to have "balls" and stand up to them regardless. all we can do is what we need to, what they do is something we don't have control over, but we can try to prevent for each other. Stand up for your fellow men (and women too even moreso) Don't think of having testicles as torture, think of them as having courage. You're needed too much for you to be sitting on the sidelines watching, get involved
2. Punk music for some reason has not gotten involved in a way to help us for one reason or another, maybe i'm not up on all punk music i guess though, but never mind the contempt, annoyance or defiance of other punk musicians, go for it. Sex Pistols look to be with us at least. If you are brave, put what you can forward that will help us, if you are thinking of going anti on anything please spend that energy to help others of us who need your help instead, there are many. Have bollocks, don't mind the detractors

Aerosmith - Permanent Vacation
-Have many fond memories of this album. The permanent vacation is the feeling that awaits us after we succeed

Boyz II Men - Cooleyhighharmony, II
-Talented group of guys. i remember hearing a few songs by them but now have two albums of theirs to listen to

Dean Martin - Dino The Essential Dean Martin
-i'm not too up on Dean Martin and know a bit more about Frank Sinatra but will enjoy listening to this album as well

Hole - Live Through This
-Have mentioned this album before and now own it. This was released in 1994, a year or more after Kurt Cobain and Nirvana were taken over, she was saying please live through this, he couldn't

Sinéad O'Connor - Am I Not Your Girl
-Sweet! i'm looking forward to getting to listen to this. Sinéad has had trying times but manages to overcome those obstacles and has put forward some amazing music while at it. wishing her happiness

The Hollywood Studio Orchestra - The Best of Disney
-i think they mean Disney is the best

The Tragically Hip - Day For Night
-Gord Downie has a new solo album coming out, i hope it will be his

Will Smith - Willennium
-This is another album i've been looking for for a long time and have much respect for Will Smith. The song, term of Wild Wild West is of course www, it's ours, make good use of it

Final Fantasy N/S Generation - FF I-IX
-Have always liked Final Fantasy I-VIII but IX might be good as well, after that is when Squaresoft merged with Enix for FF X. Would love to play FF VII again, and not the new remade one that's on the way for the new generation of consoles, they are completely changing it, taking an amazing game and putting Zionist spin on everything in it

Frozen - OST
-What a fun movie this is. Probably one of my favorite Disney films that i've seen so far. Help us send Zion back to Weasel Town, i mean Weselton

Jamiroquai - Travelling Without Moving
-Virtual insanity? Plausable reality

Metallica - ...And Justice For All, Black Album, Reload
-Finally! Some Metallica! i've been looking for these for a long time now and finally found a few. i've been mostly looking for the first 3 albums but these actually look to be okay. The only major concert i've ever been to is a Metallica one, and it was great. So when was it that these guys were taken over? Garage Inc or so? Speaking of which i just threw out said album, Zionist tripe. When i'd like to get Garage Days Re-Re Visited i will get just that one

Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory
-i've been enjoying going to bed at 5:30pm and waking up at 2am which i started doing, much better, it lets me get a start on my day early and get everything up for you before breakfast most days. Also it's just nice to be up in the Morning compared to being up late. Everyone has whichever they like more and this is mine

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
-Wish all of you to be here, because we need you

Public Enemy - He Got Game
-Sweet, a newer Public Enemy album, i actually listened to this last night and it's really good. This is the soundtarck to the movie of the title, it's a Spike Lee movie that i've never seen but would like to, and anything that gets more Public Enemy is fine by me

R.E.M. - Up, Reveal
-If, when, Zionist scripting is revealed, it will be their downfall, can you imagine when that happens? How sympathetic will people be of them? not very

Ray Charles - Genius Loves Company
-it's true, musicians are genius', i guess everyone has their thing they're good at but i couldn't put together a song if i tried. Haven't heard a lot of Ray Charles' songs but this looks like a great album

Sarah Harmer - You Were Here
-Have heard a few songs by this artist and really liked them so am sure will like this as well

Shakira - Laundry Service
-Shakira also looks to be a very nice person, am sure she would be nice to know

Sonic Youth - Murray Street
-We need people of all generations on our side, everyone doing what they can from what they're good at

Stone Temple Pilots - Core
-The first album by this band i like, been looking for this one as well

The Beach Boys - Endless Summer
-Dark lyrics put lightly, these guys are great songwriters and are renowned for their topical uplifting music. i know some songs of theirs and now i'll get to know more of them. As for an endless summer, wouldn't it be nice? Now Brian Wilson is older, and he doesn't have to wait

Green Day - Dookie
-After 9/11 these great guys were forced into the album, and track on that album, American Idiot. They don't think very much of us do they? and it hasn't got any better, still there, a little less obvious, but as worse as it's ever been

R.E.M. - Murmur
-Definitely one of my favorite bands and am always happy when i pick up an album of theirs that i didn't have

Ministry - The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste
-This is an industrial band that i liked listening to a ways back. As for your mind? Let it be a steel trap, seeing agenda in real time, catching frauds as they try to fool you, and knowing, as is now needed, when someone is being put forward to you as real but are really puppets of Zion

Alicia Keys - As i Am
-Could it be? Another real Alicia Keys album that she was able to get out before being taken over? This album looks amazing and will really enjoy listening to it am sure. As for the title, Alicia has taken to not wearing make-up, or as little as possible, and that is something for her to be commended on. Personally i find a woman with no make-up far more attractive than with it. it must take bravery for a woman to do that. As i am is the best way to be, you don't want to put forward what you are not, be real not what you think is wanted, and that is more attractive to others as well, not to mention easier on you because you're just being yourself. Alicia is being a role model with what she is doing, about embracing real beauty and not having to conform and adhere to what is widely pushed on women of all types. Kudos to Alicia for what she is doing and what she is putting forward to other women

Lilith Fair - A Celebrtation of Women in Music
-This fair was put together by Sarah McLachlan but each artist that contributed is spotlighted on their own merit. it really is quite the showcase of talented women musicians and must have been a great event to see in person. For sure there is only a certain collection of artists here but i think music in general welcomes women and there are many other successful females in the industry. Unfortunately, in the gravest matter, most of these wonderful women are being tortured just like their male counterparts. Stand up and help both the women and the men this is happening to, expose what is being done to them. if you didn't stand up before, now is the time, these great people who have always been there for you now need you to help them

Björk - Debut
-i haven't heard much of her music but this is a good place to start. Looking forward to listening to this album

Sinéad O'Connor - i Do Not Want What i Haven't Got
-Each of us (and whenever i say us i mean us gentiles, they were the ones to divide us so if they want it that way so be it) each of us has at least one person in our lives that means the world to you, a family member, a friend, lover... many times more than one person who you feel this way about. Be happy about having these people and treat them well which i'm sure i don't really need to tell you about, but they sure are nice to have and for you to be able to rely on them. Remember these people, the ones who are yours, and the ones who are ours of others. Unfortunately we are losing ones of others but that's for a different write up, although we are. So treat the people who mean everything to you well, let them know how you feel and help them when you can, because it sure is nice to have someone nice with you in your life

Aladdin - Soundtrack
-A live action version is being made of this movie and am looking forward to it. i spoke about Robin Williams' role in the animated film, and he was there for us

Outkast - Stankonia
-André 3000 and Big Boi are some of the best rappers out there and always enjoy listening to them, the real music not the forced which is a shame to have to even mention but we do. Yet more musicians we love and care about who have fallen prey to the Zionist entity, and that's been going on for a long time

James Blunt - All the Lost Souls
-Only had a look at this so far and am divided on it, some tracks seem alright and some not. However i will go on the assumption for now that this is a real James Blunt album. The main thing am looking at for now is the cover and inlay with photos of many, many people, that's what i hope we can acheive, is to involve everyone in this. There's a spot for each and every one of us to fill, to contribute to with what we can. Remember that

Radiohead - Kid A
-There's been some controversy recently about Radiohead playing shows in Israel and many others don't want them to entertain apartheid. They have been forced into their newest album, Moon Shaped Pool, so maybe they had their options restricted about this. So what songs did they play? Most if not all the Radiohead songs are anti-Zionist anyhow so not sure why Israeli's would want to go to a concert of such... Anyhow i am in the former camp that agrees to not play in Israel, they shouldn't be rewarded for what they are doing. If a group wants to though then go ahead, your choice, we have other avenues to press Israel into respecting and following international law, something that needs to be heeded to by them

Blue Rodeo - Outskirts
-i believe the band's name is about guys showing their stuff, their contributions all there. and about that there's a great song on this album titled Try, and we all must

-An album i like from another band i like

Metric - Live It Out
-Only heard a couple songs by this band but look forward to hearing more. As for living it out, it must be rough for the ones getting tortured, they are not in the position to help themselves so we must help them with all we can do

Weezer - Pinkerton
-Never heard of this Weezer album, it's probably pretty good, looking forward to hearing it. As said, most every band listed here and ones elsewhere are now being forced into Zionist agenda, Weezer included

Sinéad O'Connor - Universal Mother
-i really like this girls music. Now, on the cover of this album and throughout the inlay is the Star of David, i really have no idea why she put it there because it really doesn't match the content of the album from what i see and does not fit with any other music of hers either. Other than that was happy to have found this one by her

Sinéad O'Connor - The Lion and the Cobra
-This woman and i seem kind of like kindred spirits. We both just do our thing and try not to attract too much attention to ourselves (nothing fancy). i look forward to listening to all her albums when i have the opportunity to have them all. As for this album's title and about the cobra it reminds me of a verse from the bible by John the Baptist about the Jews "You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?". i've read portions of the bible, but it is something i would like to get into more at some point, just to see

Moby - Play The B Sides
-it's always nice finding a new Moby album, i like his music a lot and he is a nice guy

The Smashing Pumpkins - Adore
-So i've been looking for Metallica but am more than happy to find this album which i have been hoping to find as well. The reason i bring the two up like this is to mention about how sometimes we can be pretty blunt, pretty forward, pretty callous. Metallica didn't make it that far, they got out the albums Kill Em All, Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets which is a reference to the Zion drug addiction. Oh, and Garage Days Re-Revisited which was a cover album that they later were forced to do Garage Inc. (one of many forced albums) because of. Instead of any other option what happened was they were forced into albums for the rest of their careers and is still going on. With what's been done and is going on we have been kind to them in comparison. We all need to be very callous at times, i am for this, but not for other situations, this is the only exception i have to be like this and most always care very much for all of us, us. You'll find that there are mainstream songs of days past even more blunt than anything Metallica has done, and they are appreciated as we need much of that in out lives to get us through. The mentioned album, Adore, is love. Love doesn't always have to be sweet and mushy, although that does feel nice when it's there. Love can be bravery, love can be an iron will. There is enough space for all of us, however you want to show your love, as long as you do, we need you

Sarah McLachlan - The Freedom Sessions
-This is a live album by Sarah McLachlan and looks like a good one. We need some freedom sessions of our own as well, through grassroots activism, mass information dissemination to fellow citizens or any other way you see fit, as long as you are involved. Freedom means to be free of the chains that bind us, people think they have freedom but have very little, we are a caged experiment under Zion control, there is so much more to life than being that. Sure we have our enjoyments, but only the ones that don't upset the status quo. We need out of this caged life. Freedom from Zion will bring happiness, as we will have a better government, a better monetary system, a better media landscape. A nations not led by the nose for creature comforts, a nations not told insults and sarcasm bring laughter, a nations not trapped in a matrix like energy harvesting loop for the benefit of the ones who decieved their way to the top of all civilization through their banking, media and lies. This is worst in America, but everyone else is on the list of what nation will be next to conquer. America unfortunately has the Federal Reserve (again not federal nor a reserve) and that is the plan for each and every other global power. A world where all the world's money flows to the single coffer at the top, and you won't see any of it. Money that could be going to so many other great purposes, we pay taxes to get things done and that's perfectly fine, it's that (America) is going towards a point where the interest on their debt will soon be unpayable, and then you have slavery to the Zionist entity who collects all your money for themselves. This slavery is the opposite of freedom, and we need this freedom back. Thankfully the Federal Reserve is unconstitutional and can be done away with because of such. Now America just needs a brave President who will do this for the people he/she is governing, to truly bring that freedom to the masses, as well as brave men and women in other nations who will never allow the same to happen to them. Freedom, the opposite of global debt slavery, where we are currently in a cycle of poverty into paying interest on an evergrowing and unpayable amount of money, our money, that people work very hard to get, and who pay taxes like most all of us do. Let's get this money back and spend it so much better, it will go from one end of the spectrum to the other, we just have to make it happen

White Zombie - Supersexy Swingin' Sounds
-Sexiness is something that is a culmination of different aspects of someone, and is different for everyone. Part of it, for me and i'm sure you also, is the non-psysical traits, we all, well most, want someone who is nice in many ways, and that goes a long way. Having both is a bonus as well but not always needed, you want to be with someone who is good to you not only a pretty face. Personally i find beauty in many people, but only want one if i were to be so fortunate as to be able to have someone. However, this is about everyone, because there is a person who can make us happy and there is a person out there for each of us. A nice mix of everything is special to have, and having things in common is a major plus. If you have someone, enjoy them, if you don't, just put yourself out there, if you're looking, you'll meet someone that you would do well with. For me it's hard to look since i'm probably confined to being single for the rest of my life, maybe not but maybe so. A relationship would be something great and is something i'll have to think about. It is so enjoyable to be in the company of a really nice person

Blade Runner - Vangelis Soundtrack
-The movie is based on the book my Philip K. Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. And the book is very good, recommended. i have been a bit weary on the movie, but have decided to enjoy it. As a film it is brilliantly directed by Ridley Scott and the setting is still breathtaking today. i have always really liked this movie and was saddened to think it was by the opposition, thankfully it is not looking like such

Gun's N' Roses - Lies
-This is a great album that i listened to when it was first released, and years after as well. it's half live, half studio and is really great, am happy to be able to listen to this again

Orbital - Self Titled
-This is going to be a global effort, which nation wants to start?

Alice In Chains - Jar of Flies
-We are the flies in their vasoline, and cannot allow them to operate

Stereo MC's - Connected
-Have this album already but this one has a bonus track, Don't Let Up. And we must not. Can't nobody stop the jews? i hope that's not true. We have one course, there are differences along the way but all have the same desired outcome, which we need to stay on path about. There is no other way if we are to be happy and well, everything has led to where we are so we'd best not mess it up, this is our time, after so so long of wanting to be here, we are, so let's continue

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II
-i am more familiar with their later work but do like both the group and ambient music to go to bed to so picked this up

The Chemical Brothers - Dig Your Own Hole
-Which is what they are doing. If anyone has any information about the real perpetrators of some global terror events, put it forward, don't let them get away with what they are doing. Zion is in constant work with what they are doing against us, it's so much wrongs, the least we can do is to expose who is behind these to honor the victims

Lady Gaga - The Fame
-Stefani Germanotta has had it rough with Israeli scripting, don't get me wrong, they all have, but they sure have made a specatacle of her. There isn't even anything on this album that is anti-Zion, they took her anyway

Dirty Vegas - Self Titled
-Thumbin' your way to Vegas, dirty, dreamin' of the other side -inxs. i also dream of a bright future, for all of us

The Notorious B.I.G. - Ready To Die
-Picked this up even though i'm not a fan of some of the things he talks about, because i like Sean Combs and want to see what he's into and what his life was like back then, i am more a fan of modern day Bad Boy but do like the 90's era of their music, 90's in general is my favorite times for music. As for being ready to die, all of us in this need to take that into account, it's not about jumping at the chance to die but realizing that it can happen. None of us can allow or tolerate it being done to us and ones we know so need to show what's being done when it happens, and it does happen. Whether it be to someone famous or not famous, expose it, it is another nail in their coffin and can be chalked up in it's entirety or as close as we can get when it's about the wrongs they have done to us, and there are many

Basement Jaxx - Rooty
-A song i like by Basement Jaxx, which isn't on this album, is called Red Alert, check the video on youtube. it's about continuing on in life while the purge is going on, there are quite a few songs like this that have been made over the years, it even kind of has it's own sub group. This is a good one too. Ain't nothin' goin on but history, don't worry, don't panic

Hilary Duff - Self Titled
-This is something i feel about all musicians, the same can be said for actors, actresses, people on tv... you get the idea. When i like someone for who they are, when they are nice, polite, kind, honest, it makes me like their music and such much more, i like it because i like them and support what they do. This is how i feel about Hilary Duff, i'm familiar with her music, and like her tracks, this is the first album i buy of hers though, but have seen interviews with her and she is so sweet. Her music also happens to be great from the songs i've heard and will like hearing her albums in completion (except the ones forced on her)

Michael Bublé - Christmas
-i have three Christmas albums, this one, one by Mariah Carey, and one by Sarah McLachlan. The reason i picked these up is because i like Christmas, it's a holiday of ours and for us all in this. Since i'm buying music i wanted to have some festive albums to play around that time. It really is a special time and we can all enjoy it so much

Duran Duran - Self Titled
-Had this album a long time ago and always liked it, will be nice to hear this again

The Lion King - Original Broadway Cast Recording
-Disney, i love you and i hardly know you, so far. in the last couple days i have picked up about 50 movies of yours on vhs, today i bought the vcr. i am prepared to be amazed, and that is not an overstatement, i already know these are going to be something special, something wonderful, i feel like i completely missed out on what you've been doing, and now am looking to make that better and catch up on everything missed
edit: Have watched half a dozen movies of yours and definitely AM amazed, the only thing i wish was that i knew you were good earlier and didn't say anything bad about you at Disney. You fulfill my dreams and am something i've always wanted. There are other good media companies of course, and give a salute to them as well, however you are something on your own and cannot compare you to anyone else. i suggest to any current or future parents to make Disney a major part of your life, along with documentaries and truth about what's going on to the world, we need more John Connors from Terminator 2, raising leaders and members of the resisitance. The opposition tries to brainwash our children, we need to counteract that, for starters, and i've always said, don't watch what the Zionist entity is doing, you watch you lose, and most definitely do not allow your kids to watch them either, at least you can see what they're doing but the ones you're raising can't quite yet, teach them from the start about all of this, and pass on to them what is ours and what is not among the many many other lessons from you to yours

The Eagles - Hotel California
-There's been so much talk about what the Eagles are singing about in Hotel California, from what i've read of the lyrics it's about a concentration camp. That's what i think Hotel California is about

R.E.M. - Life's Rich Pageant
-The first 18 years or so we are guided by our parents, maybe teachers, on how to make decisions for when they are not around. After that it's mostly all up to ourselves on the decisions we make, where to continue schooling, where to work, who to allow to be close to and trust. These choices also determine future choices, by trial and error we learn what is positive and not, when you have some sort of other factor in there it may also affect your decisions. So here we are, 7 billion of us, all going about our own lives, accomplishing our own goals, and intertwining with other people who most likely share similar likes and passions. Now, in comes the greed of a few, doing what they can to make money off of all these people, you and i. The good part is taxes, i like taxes, they pay to keep our police force paid for their excellent service, to keep our roads safe, our children taught and keep our hospitals and staff paid for with various health care systems. That's all well and good, except when it comes to what that money is being spent on, as it doesn't all go to police, hospitals and schools. Much of what the global problem is, is foreign aid, aid to israel foremost, and they do get a lot (more than 3 billion a year from the United States, their main supplier of such aid) who then goes and spends it on military hardware to accost their neighbours with guns and bombs, making enimies of those who supplied them with those guns and bombs, the U.S.A.. That's one part of it, the more global part, for now. What the major problem is you'd figure Israel, small as it is wouldn't hold much power, but what's happened is many and many more Jews have come to the United States as immigrants in times past, looking not so much to help their new host but to take it over in a way that the original Americans would not know or suspect. Okay, got that. The plot to overthrow America and make it their own, it's slave to make them money while they sit back and think up ways to silence those who oppose them is the Federal Reserve (neither federal or a reserve, that was just the name they called it to make it seem like it was both). So we work, we work our butts off, and with that money pay mortgages, bills, shopping, entertainment and any other number of expenses, all well? No. On those are the afformentioned taxes, which yes are normally fine, problem is the government who allocates these funds to pay for services for us also has to keep paying the federal reserve more and more money as interest on money owed through loans the, in actuality a bank, has loaned to the United States government. So they have it sitting pretty, they do squat except spend the money swindled from us, at the loss of every American in their own nation. And if anyone gets close to ending this scheme... but it must be done, one way or another. So enjoy your life, the spending money you are happy to receive and the pittance you can spend, but just as some people become police officers, and others become ambulance drivers, there are people who will take your, our side and make it better for the others who are not in a position to do so. If you can be a hero, be one, if you need to take care of family take care of them, as mentioned there are a hell of a lot of us, so make better all that you can, in your personal life and in the lives of others, but we have to deal with this long standing problem the federal reserve first, let's do this as soon as possible and don't let up until we succeed

Sarah Mclachlan - Rarities, B-Sides and Other Stuff, Mirrorball
-Two more great albums by this songstress. was really hoping to find these and did. i have fond memories of the Rarities one and am very happy that Mirrorball is a live album and not some pro-disco one. Disco, there was cocaine, dancing and fun times to be had, if you're into the junk of the first one. Then came crack, no more fun times, for the users or their victims

R.E.M. - Out Of Time
-Have been putting off buying this album because of Losing My Religion, i do really like R.E.M., and really that's okay though, they've put in their lives and many years of effort, which were not wasted in the least, am a real fan of these guys and the songs they make. As for this album i hope and think that there will be many great ones on here as well

Norah Jones - Not Too Late
-Own two other albums from Norah Jones, i haven't really gotten into them yet but am looking forward to. The last video i saw of hers shows that she has been taken. Again, it's great people this is happening to, we must save them and as soon as possible

Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
-Okay, so this album received great reviews, i haven't heard it just yet but noticed a song called To Zion and read the lyrics, it doesn't seem to be about the Protocols, but even Zionism otherwise is the formation of an Israeli state on Palestinian land, so either way i'm not sure why she would be pro such. Maybe Lauren Hill was unter some Zion miseducation. There are also songs like Every Ghetto, Every City, when most ghettos people talk about are the Jewish ones of days past. Overall i'm not in a hurry to listen to this one, but will just to see what it's intentions are

Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam
-Your turn to pump up the jam, and keep it going

INXS - Kick
-Loved this album very much a long time ago, a lot of great songs on here and i look forward to hearing them again. i think we have the new sensation doing pretty well, it's not the same as the previous one, just the good parts

Sean Paul - The Trinity
-Was asked the other day what my favorite types of music are, so my answer, which is of course something i've thought about before, is adult contemporary and rap, two that might sound totally different but that's my two favorite genres. The types of songs i like, from other styles too, are the powerful ones, ones that leave you amazed at the bravery and talent of the artist. Now for this album there is the track We Be Burnin', How much better can you get? What more could you ask? Similarilly there are other artists songs such as Queen's Another One Bites the Dust, not something i'd listen to on repeat or anything but it's there. Now, after that track there was the Weird Al Yankovic version Another One Rides the Bus (the torture bus) on their way to the Love Shack, see, they do it to, only now they are threatening us through our own musicians, well they've been doing that for a while actually. So we have the music that's been made by us and for us, we have their advice, and solace in hard times. Now the music is gone though, taken over every one pretty much, if you can get a real track out there do go for it, it will be one real one in a myriad of fake ones. As for The Trinity, an album i like so much this is the second one i bought, the price was right so i figured to have an extra

Kylie Minogue - Fever
-Our anger of them is like a fever, and rightfully so. They have taken everything we hold dear and care about and ruined it for their own wants, we are just vessels to them, the suppliers of their "fun" times, well it's not fun for us, but they won't take no for an answer. You have songs like Britney Spears' forced Israeli mantra Gimme More, where at the end they say "You're gonna have to remove me, cause i ain't goin nowhere" well... sounds like we have a lot of work ahead of us

Mary J. Blige - What's the 411, My Life
-It's good girls like Mary J. that are getting taken, just so Israel can get to her listeners, not because of any songs of hers. They make fun of her and enjoy it, a sweet girl like this being forced into singing Israeli lyrics for no other reason than to fool her beloved audience

Ciara - Goodies
-You know, not about this album, but about Ciara, it's gotten really terrible. Now it is the norm to hear forced "music" more than real music, i use quotations to say that this only counts as a testament to what has been done to them, it is not by their doing so doesn't make it a real album, just the voice of someone being tortured into doing such

Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger
-Then in 2001 parts of Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine were forced to become Israel's Audioslave

Sarah McLachlan - Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
-i know i bought this one before, but the condition wasn't so great so wanted to find a better copy. This one is. As said, i could listen to these first three albums of hers most all the nights and always enjoy them very much

Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
-The 2000 debut album for this band, have liked their music and am happy to have this to listen to. In the end it does matter though, i know it's not exactly what they were saying but is something to comment about. The human condition is our starting point, what we take for granted, personally i'm still amazed at how far we as humans (and before that!) have made it. But it needs to be where we build and have as our starting point when considering rules for us to follow, it is completely up to us, majority rules. This is a reason why torture cannot be tolerated, it is the antithisis of doing good, it is intolerable, not just in the feeling of the victim but cannot be allowed to be done to others. Israel even refers to torture with their own flag, the human star and the two ongoing horizontal lines. Jumping Jack Flash. But yes, a starting point taking into account everything we have accomplished, all the wonderful things we are doing and all the goodness we will do in the future. Right now we are being taken by some crooks who want the money that we are providing them, as we try to stand up for ourselves the pressure and threaten us with physical harm, but we stil need to stand against them regardless of these threats and actions of theirs. It's all for the money, our money. So, in the end what matters is us, our feelings and well being, our safety and the safety of the ones we love, we have these feelings and can't help them, torture must be something intolerable, not allowed in any way, murder is less than torture, once they are gone they do not feel any pain. Silent Night. Something else is about the menatlity of those who are harming us in their elaborate heist is that they are enjoying what they are doing, to the musicians, in false flag terror attacks and every other wrong they commit against us, they sometimes say they just want to be left alone yet they continue with all of what got our ire in the first place, and while what they're doing has evolved, for the worse mind you, they expect to be allowed to continue with all that? They must not be allowed, and they must be stopped by us since they are not doing so on their own. So, the human condition is the base for everything we do, some people take it for granted or don't think about it but do think about it, it makes the good things we do wonderful and the horrors comminted against us all the more despicable. We are fragile, any little thing can be fatal to us, the Zionist entity exploits that and our other weakness'. Our thought process should be marvelled at and helped to excel not being worked against by the ones who want to steady their cash flow. What we are doing and must do is for all of us, as it is all of us who are being harmed. Help each of us, yourself, your loved ones, strangers, and future generations who will hopefully be able to live in a Zion free world, that will also be something to marvel at

Sarah McLachlan - Afterglow
-Wow, i've listened to Sarah McLachlans first three albums so far and gotta say i could go to bed with those three albums every night and be a very happy man. i won't do that but they are just so damn good. Seriously they (she) completely amaze me. i still have some albums of hers to pick up as i find them but if they are as good as the others that would be something special, i won't hold her to it, Mirrorball looks like it will be another good one though. i remember listeng to her music from the first album on, singles, that was a long time ago and am just now rediscovering her music. Talented is an understatement

Tegan and Sara - Heartthrob
-Unfortunately there have been many anti-songs by these two, even ones on this album although there are a couple nice ones. i think they've come around but right when they did they were taken over, a real album but forced videos and as such forced albums in their future. i still will try to help both of them of course and hope that you help them and the others in any way you can as well

The Black Crowes - By Your Side
-and i am by yours

R.E.M. - Eponymous, New Adventures in Hi-Fi
-It's new adventures on the internet, be a part

Sarah McLachlan - Solace, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, Surfacing
-About time i picked up some albums from this fantastic woman. She has some amazing songs from the ones i've heard, is the founder of Lilith Fair, and does charity work whenever she is able. Looking forward to listening to all of her music as i purchase them

Gun's N' Roses - Use Your Illusion I & II
-Which illusion they want us to use is up in the air for me at the moment, i've actually listened to both of these albums very many times when i was younger. But are these forced or not? There are anti songs somewhat but over-all they seem solid. Also i don't think Zion would have included the song Live and Let Die

John Mellencamp - The Best That I Could Do
-Don't worry, you did damn good friend

Dido - No Angel, Life For Rent
-i don't know that many songs by Dido but figured to give her a listen

Pearl Jam - Riot Act
-A fan

Evanescence - Fallen
-This group is very talented and i've liked the songs i've heard from them, was hoping to find this to pick up

Jennifer Lopez - On The 6
-Speaking of talented... (and they all are, i have so much respect and admiration for musicians) Jennifer Lopez deserves all the fame she has received, a very hard working multi-talented woman. Now being forced to sing bs songs as are so many others

Beastie Boys - Licensed To Ill
-Had this one on cassette when it was just released. Didn't know they were Jewish at the time but know now. Even with that they made many songs for us, on our side, many, not all though. What might be best since i have most of their albums with a few to go is to make a mix of their best songs and leave the chaff. Even through all of this and their often flip-flopping on sides i will still stand by the Beastie Boys, i just wish they were more certain of their position

Bryan Adams - On A Day Like Today
-Please, someone come forward about the forced Israeli scripting of musicians, on a day like today

112 - Room 112
-Getting rid of room 101, by any means neccessary

Bryan Adams - Waking Up the Neighbours
-There's a pretty good compilation of contacts listed, go with those, add your own, and get started

Kanye West - The College Dropout
-Kanye looks like a good guy, i like him and i like a lot of songs on this album which i'm happy to now have. it's got to be kind of rough being Kanye right now, not just being in the spotlight but having to churn out Israeli song after song, who many are having to do. As for being a college dropout the album after this one is Late Registration, which is good of him to do because for the most part you need to have a good education to get a good job and make decent pay. Kim Kardashian and Kanye are a nice couple, i hope through all this they are happy with each other and stay together for a long time, up to them i know but they do seem to fit nicely

Jay-Z - The Blueprint
-Am still not too familiar with Jay-Z but have heard many good things about this album, will listen to it soon

INXS - Welcome To Wherever You Are
-Listened to this album a fair amount when it was first released, and am a fan of INXS in general

50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin'
-i like 50 Cent, don't always agree with some things he raps about but that goes with the territory of living in a hard situation. He's living better now, although still as it rough in a few ways... As for getting rich or dying trying to, money is great and helps make life easier but isn't the be all and end all, you can be poor and be happy or be rich and miserable, so it's finding a nice balance or just working on yourself and being content with what you have and are earning. Not everyone can become a rich successful rapper so have other goals in addition to those if that's your thing. As mentioned before being a college dropout usually isn't a good idea or plan. Anyway i'm not going to get all into this as you are the person with the judgement of what's good in your own life, just don't make money your one and only goal, just do something you love. i wish 50 Cent good times, not shitty times as is being forced upon him, have seen interviews with him and he really is a nice guy. Best to him

AC/DC - Live
-i've seen my share of death, in real life and in multimedia. it's something i've both grown intolerent of while at the same time desensitized to. To have both is kind of odd, but for instance i can't stand seeing on the news of people murdered, robbed or harmed in any way, it's very disheartening. However i am okay with the death penalty. Death to me can be in certain times acceptable, it's torture that is not. Murder thus is a way to stop said torture, a death penalty of the guilty who have brought their others down with them by ruining life on Earth for all the others who are here trying to do well for themselves, their family and freinds. Seeing so much death it actually makes you appreciate life more, to realize that we are fragile, any little thing can end our time here. The opposotion takes advantage of this, using our fragility against us, threatening us and our loved ones and anyone who tries to stop what they're doing. As said i have become very empathetic to losses of ours, we are losing lives to them around the world. Good people of ours, and that's not even the torture, which is one, not all, but one of the main reasons we need to do a global cleansing of the ones responsible and the ones who are being taken down with them, as unfortunate as it is. There are times to be callous, and we're getting to that spot right now. Remmember our plight, whenever you see them lie, cheat, steal, kill and torture us, then don't watch them any more, because you will already know what they are doing and the only thing we can do in retaliation to them. They don't think you will be brave enough to stop them, to do what we need to do, so they continue what they are doing, until they are stopped by all of us and this time is something to look back on as part of our history, something to mourn, but also something we can celebrate

Stereo MC's - Connected
-This album is one i am so looking forward to listening to, the song connected is one of my favorites from my teenage years and this will be the first time i hear all the tracks. As for topic, this is something all of us need to do in tantem, one person can't do very much alone and this is something that needs all of us, join in or keep going. One major point would be the contact list, actually talk to these people and entities about what you want to bring up, about what's going on, about what you want done. i actually have contacted most, or very very many, of those people, seriously, and now it's your turn. This is a global effort, keep time zones in mind and get going with it. Become politically active, moreso even, start marches, sign petitions, whatever you feel you can do to help with what we're doing, topics of your choice too of course as there are so many things to make better. There are also issues that are part of this but can be dealt with seperately, media reform, the federal reserve, take your pick and it will help. Be smart, strong, and brave, there's so much that needs doing and we are all depending on you and us together

Rage Against the Machine - Self Titled
-To start off here is a good synopsis of the story behind the cover of this album. What i want to say about this is that we need as many brave people as we can get, people willing to put their own safety and well being on the line for the sake of others. Be a martyr if you need to be because you are needed. A good Rage Against the Machine song to get you ready might be Renegades of Funk, yes, be a renegade, help shape history while helping people of us who need it. Ironically Rage Against The Machine are in need of your help as well as they have been taken over, along with Public Enemy and Cypress Hill, to form "Prophets of Rage". There's a lot more in the same situation who need you as well. Put your life aside for others, try to stay as safe as you can while doing it but sometimes you need to take risks. If you save one of us you have accounted for your life, try to save many of us (from them, or otherwise). We must help those in music, but around the globe we are losing many lives, through false flag terrorist attacks and government policy as war is big business for the banks and their owners. So be a renegade, on your own or as a group, the media, for the most part, is in their hands, but we have the internet, make the most of it, get together in protests, or get together online, just get together and make the changes we all want and need. It seems insurmountable but we can make all this happen. for real, and for our happiness, once we get through this rough spot, and we will get through it, we must

Sean Paul - The Trinity
-i've listened to this album quite a bit before and it's one of my favorites, so am happy to actually own this now. Sean Paul looks to be a nice guy, someone who would be nice to chum around with. This was his third album, completing the trinity of real albums he was able to do before being forced into the later ones. Forced Israeli scripting isn't something completely new, it's been going on for years, now it's almost all music. Sean Paul is strong, so are many of the others, but that didn't stop him, or the others, from being tortured. So when you compare what's being done and what we need to do about it, the end does justify the means, as we need to end torture in any way we possibly can. They do this to us and then hide behind human sheilds, giving us no other way to deal with them, as unfortunate as it is. To end torture is one of our main goals, but there is so much they have ruined that we now need to get in there and correct

Justin Timberlake - Justified
-We are on the receiving end of Zionist harm, we have been backed into a corner with no other option, we are justified

Public Enemy - It Takes a Natin of Millions to Hold Us Back, Apocalypse 91: The Enemy Strikes Black
-In the George Orwell book 1984 the public enemy is denounced, ridiculed and targeted by television in what is referred to as the two minute hate, something which is still present in today's Zionist media

Sean Paul - Dutty Rock
-The Zionist entity has ruined music about 'rock' and roll, rock being a slang term for crack. Rock this, rock that, all over the radio. Trying to sway addicted people into picking more up. i've seen what this does to people and it's really too bad, and you have said radio promoting it

Adele - 21
-i like this woman and look forward to this album

John Mellencamp - Human Wheels
-Together we are a force to be reckoned with. Able to change this world towards how we want it to be, for the better. TV for the most part (most not all) is a thorn in our sides, holding us back, threatening us, misinforming us, doing everything they can to keep us from taking definitive action against them, the very ones who are putting forward that junk in the first place. Turn off the television more often than not, or at least have zero tolerance for Zionist agenda programs. It would be nice to be care free and live happily without having to worry about this, but we'll have to hold off on that while we deal with this problem first

Franz Ferdinand - Self Titled
-This is the debut album by this group and it sure looks good. After this there is the song 'the fallen', one of the few music videos that shows the band after, or in the midst of, being tortured. Other musicians would look similar after such, if it were shown. The only other video like this, that i know of, would have to be 'give it to me' by Timbaland, Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake. As always about torture, it's already going on, and is up to us to stop it

Garbage - Self Titled
-This band is pretty cool, glad to have this album and listen to it. After the bus bombing in London on July 7 2005 The Late Show with David Letterman put their studio backdrop to black and red, it was really brave that and everything else they were doing. This one episode of those there was Jeff Goldblum, who used the interview to try and insult David Letterman. That was also i believe the episode where Garbage performed their song Bleed Like Me. i've since looked for info on this airing and episode but haven't found much, this is an important show because it was the last or near last episode that was real, that was really David Letterman before his being 'taken over'. i have since my teenage years been a huge fan of him and the Late Show, and is terrible to have seen this happening to him. i am happy that it looks like he's escaped from this, but for many many others this is still going on

Fugees - The Score
-No this is not a drug referrence. This album is very well respected, i've only heard it a few times but now will listen to it again

Frank Sinatra - My Way, The Best Of
-A great album of Frank Sinatra standards. My Dad chose the song 'My Way' to get married to my Mom with, yeah, i know, am not overly pleased with most of what my Dad did either. i did have to grow up being raised by him, so was pretty fucked up for quite a while because of such, half genetics, half learned behavior. Anyway it took a long time for me to get out of that way of being, even though i started and lived life after my Dad for a bit i am so happy to have turned into my Mom, an angel on Earth, i love my Mom and miss her very much. My Dad has passed as well, and i am so glad i am no longer like him in any way. It took a lot of time, learning and self discovery to be the person i am now, which isn't too shabby, i just wish i hadn't been such a screw up for my earlier life. Onwards and upwards, for all of us

Aerosmith - Nine Lives
-Have always been a fan of Aerosmith, this is a more recent album of theirs but will give it a listen. My favorite Aerosmith song has got to be Dream On, a great song then and it still is now. We're part way where we want to be, we've got the message out there and a lot of knowledge has been put to the public, there is still a lot to do though, a lot to do, to do

Mariah Carey - Self Titled, Emotions, Daydream
-There are many great things to say about Mariah Carey, i know right now the talk is about lip syncing, but i saw that too and there wasn't a lot of background vocals, just cues. it did seem like she wasn't getting the feedback she was supposed to have. Anyhow about lip syncing, it's terrible all in all. If i want to watch a singer sing i want her/him to sing, not dance around or do acrobatics instead. i'd rather have someone stutter cough and stumble singing than to have them pretend to sing in general. Don't be too hard on Mariah, many singers are doing the same, i just hope they stop lip syncing and be happy and real with what they are putting forward

R.E.M. - Accelerate
-Well we sure do have to get our asses in gear

The Breakfast Club - Soundtrack
-Great movie, if you think you're alone you'll find out you are not alone, that we have differences but can come together on fundemental issues and feel happy that we make a friend who we didn't know would be one. We share some of the same problems but we need to know that we also share many of the same goals and desires and that we can work together on those problems

Annie Lennox - Diva
-Looking forward to listening to this album as i really like Annie Lennox and will be nice to hear the music that is from her

Michael Bublé - It's Time
-The time is now, it's been our time for a while and we've been letting it slip away as they take more musicians and try to control more of the governemnt and media all the while holding their grasp on our financial institutions. We're doing well but could be doing a lot more, always. i do what i can, sometimes more sometimes less, but that shouldn't be the full concern, i'm waiting on baited breath for you to get in there and do your thing, whatever your part is we need you to do it. From all walks of life we can each do our part, and when we do it will be an amazing feat of human resistance against the ones who are trying to be masters to us their slaves. It's time? it sure is, don't fall behind because they don't stop, so we must not stop either. Help however you can and keep at it

Van Halen - 1984, 5150
-The Book 1984 is where the torture room, number 101, originated. it's been used as that threat for a while now, 101 dalmations, alvin and the chipmunks, and anywhere they can find a spot to put that number with that meaning. The font on the back of the Van Halen album 1984 is in digital, as in a computer putting an end to their racket. You can see this in an Apple ad from 1984, the one where the athelete hurls a sledgehammer at a large screen of Big Brother, another reference to the book, also about computers ending what they've been doing, exposing it and being instrumental in us organizing ourselves against the Zionist entity, the entity that was mentioned in the book 1984 as the Jewish protaganist, someone George Orwell thought might have been the start of this, well, it did start all right, and that time is, again, ours right now, so don't let our one chance slip away

Bryan Adams - Unplugged
-Am a fan of Bryan Adams. MTV? Not so much. Either way am sure to enjoy this album, unless MTV had their hands in it's production and called the shots on the tracklisting and other details. i wouldn't put MTV above doing that, anything i see of theirs i avoid, except this album i guess, do hope it's good though

Blue Rodeo - Nowhere To Here
-There are some bands i just pick up every album i can of theirs, Blue Rodeo are one of them. Haven't heard this album yet but will listen to it soon

Lionel Richie - The Definitive Collection
-Am not completely familiar with Lionel Richie, a few songs here and there, figure this would be a good start

Sting - The Best Of 1984-1994 Fields Of Gold
-Music. Our music that is, could be referred to as fields of gold. Now it's all garbage (most of it, some new songs do make it out but they are few and far between). They are getting sneakier than they used to be with albums and music videos, but any artist that has been taken over is still taken over, any "real sounding" song by a comprimised musician is just a ruse, they are still theirs. Musicians, make gold, stay on topic, if you've been taken, get the word out any way you can

Blue Rodeo - Lost Together
-These guys are amazing musicians and thoroughly enjoy their music, they never made it mainstream so much but are worth checking out if you haven't

Ginuwine - The Bachelor
-i love sexy songs, and this is a nice album of them

Mariah Carey - #1's
-Women in music are under such pressure to be perfect (and sexy) that it can be a real problem. Self acceptance is something that should be mandatory

Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell
-When i was about 14 i tried hitch-hiking and remember this album playing during one of the rides, it's a great album

P. Diddy and the Bad Boy Family - The Saga Continues...
-This looks like a good album. i donated the Zionist version of the B.I.G. biography movie Notorious as it glamorizes the drug crack. i bet if Diddy himself really had a hand in this movie it would have been done differently

Rage Against the Machine - The Battle of Los Angeles
-Guerrilla Radio no longer in effect, radio was good at some point, but it sure as hell isn't now. Ratm even deal with that fact in the song Vietnow

Adele - 19
-i haven't heard many songs by Adele but am very happy to have picked this up so i can. She looks like a great woman as well

Sade - Lovers Rock
-Not rock lovers

Bryan Adams - Reckless
-Looking forward to listening to this album also. As for being reckless, you need some foundation, but have to throw caution to the wind sometimes

Bon Jovi - Bounce
-Bon Jovi were able to release a real new album recently, This House is Not for Sale, the first single, Labor of Love had a video that's theirs, but then were taken over for Come on Up to Our House, which means the rest of the videos for this album are not going to be Bon Jovi's and neither will their future albums

Peter Gabriel - Up
-Now being forced to sing "i'm amazing", well, as mentioned before he is pretty damn good, but that's not the point when he's getting forced to do it

The Killers - Hot Fuss
-Musician Lights asks who will drive her soul, a lot of people would Lights, a lot of people would

Van Halen - Live: Right Here, Right Now
-Right here, right now

Moby - Songs 1993-1998
-Nice, a Moby album i've never heard of, will enjoy listening to this

Peter Gabriel - So, Us
-Since we are what we experience, i listened to this album (Us) quite a bit when i was younger and it helped shape me i'm sure. It really is a wonderful album and i recommend it fully, was happy to find this and So will be listened to quite a bit as well

Mya - Moodring
-Figure i'll give this album a try as there are a few songs i already like on it

Seal - Self Titled
-No we're never gonna survive, unless, we get a little crazy (and a whole lot of brave)

Green Day - Warning
-Forced to call American's idiots... that's about the album after this one, which is when the Israeli scripting started with this group and is still going on. As for the major development this week, the electing of Donald Trump as President of the United States, don't be so hard on American voters, Trump promised jobs and strictness of policy, two things among many that are very understandable about the public wanting

Will Smith - Big Willie Style
-Have always been a big fan of Will Smith, since the first albums on cassette and still up to what i've heard of now. This album is especially nice but like them all. Have watched Fresh Prince of Bel Air a lot and that was always good to the movies he's been in. This is one stand up guy, hope he's doing well and continues to be

Moby - 18
-This is the second mainstream album from Moby as far as i know, the first album, Play, is one i immensely enjoy and hope this one is good as well

Radiohead - OK Computer
-Does the title mean "Ok computer, let's do this", or that all each of us need is an ok computer? Either way i'm happy to have finally found this album

Johnny Cash - Johnny Cash's America
-This guy looks pretty great, it will be nice listening to his songs

Willie Nelson - Best Of
-Georgia On My Mind is a song about all of our songs

Nelly - Nellyville
-Second album by Nelly, he sure did well with his first one and look forward to this, should be good

Jay-Z - The Blueprint 2, The Gift and the Curse
-Have never been too familiar with Jay-Z, i've known of him but haven't heard a lot of his music. Bought this and the dvd Fade To Black and will enjoy watching and listening to them i'm sure

Rise Against - Siren Song of the Counter Culture
-Always liked these guys. Whenever i think of counter culture i think of the magazine Adbusters, which i also really like. Haven't seen an issue of theirs in a while though so hope they are still doing well. This isn't about them though, i havn't heard this album in full so will enjoy doing so soon. As for counter culture again, there's something that's been bothering me to no end and i might as well mention it here, a mild complaint it is i guess but wanted to voice this. Actors playing real people in commercials (not talking about cnn at this moment although they have them too) but where they show testimonals and in some cases it says at the bottom of the screen real people not actors and they are real people acting in those cases. This is terrible, trying to pull a fast one on the public who are watching, sometimes these are from companies i like too which makes it all the worse. There are always signs that give it away in one manner or another, camera angles, bad acting and a whole lot of other gives, i can't stand it. Let this be the end of that, it's annoying as anything and i'm pretty sure a lot of people see though it anyhow, if not then have a look for yourself. Well that's one counter culture issue that i'm glad to put forward, again it's really bothersome so show it then end it. As for Rise Against, wishing you continued success. "There's a reason, there's a reason, to give it all"

My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
-Have been wanting to hear this album for a long time so now i finally get to. As for revenge it's not the oppositions to be had, they have always been the instigators and we reacting to what they have been doing to us

The Black Crowes - Amorica
-Haven't heard this album but like the band so will give it a listen

Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon
-This is the quintessential anti-Zionist album. it was released in 1973 and has since then been a beacon of hope for the movement, showing how wonderfully the topic can be breached. Since it's release it was on the billboard top 200 charts until 1988, and rightfully so. This, for good and for not, has also been mentioned and referenced often in music and other mediums, it's that good and has served us for many many years. They were able to release two albums after this one, before being taken over with the forced album The Wall and then onwards with more of those since then. The Dark Side of the Moon deserves not only a spot in your music library if you haven't listened to it before, even if you have it is sort of a bible for us and worth listening to on a very regular basis. Given the chance i'd like to listen to their other albums and will pick them up when possible, but this album is where to start, both musically and in action

Mobb Deep - The Infamous
-If i'm going to listen to gangster rap once in a while i'll try to pick some groups that have righteous lyrics given the genre. These guys are good linguists, i've heard them on other tracks and they are really skilled. This album was very well received and am going to give it a listen even though i don't promote crime in any medium, or at least try not to so will see what's going on with this. This album is from 1995 and they have toned down a bit since 2000 or so, changing times account for the change in mood am sure. As for me i like a lot of different types of music, this being one of them, if it's good music i'll enjoy listening to it regardless of the genre. Could be listening to Sade just as easy as i could Rage Against the Machine or this album itself. Maybe it's nice to live vicariously through others whether it be in music, movies, books or any other source. i can listen to this album and have no intention of replicating any of the actions given, i guess all of us do that in one way or another. Again, Mobb Deep have skills, and am half worried and half excited to hear this album, hopefully it will be more of the latter

Public Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet
-Public Enemy has always had a strong message, minus the Prophets of Rage fiasco that's currently going on. Two of the most conscious bands ever forced to push Israeli agenda, something they (and others) have been working against their entire careers. Much of my teen years i loved listening to this group and believe that has helped shape myself and my opinions as well as encouraging open minded thought, we all get it from somewhere and i do think Public Enemy has had a huge impact on my early life and to now. i bet for one thing they are happy to see a black President in office, and a great one at that! Race relations in America are doing alright except for some police brutality on one side and ensuing riots on the other, i wish Public Enemy was really around to give their thoughts on this because it's a rough situation, Rage Against the Machine is equally nullified as per earlier mention. It can be tough growing up black am sure, different sets of rules apply as imposed by society, lower quality schools in projects, increased scrutiny, harder to get jobs, the list goes on. It's reasons like these that guide some paths to go in the wrong direction. i do believe it's getting better though. As with the Northern Territories that have and still do face these types of challenges, the governments have apologized and are in the midst of improving their situation, the same can hopefully be said for what is going on in America and that their situation is being made better as well. There are not a lot of groups like Public Enemy, not exactly, and i wish they were still making music, them. The Prophets of Rage thing is an insult to thinking people who listen to any of those bands. i am about to write about the first Notorious B.I.G. album i bought, Life After Death, and want to say here that i understand about singing what you know and what you've experienced but i'm really not that much into pure "gangster rap", it's powerful music but think it is a bit counter-productive to forming minds and changing opinions about black culture. Let me also say that i think Sean Combs has uplifting music and is kind of the opposite of B.I.G., so i'm not sure how the two of them ended up as good friends, which they did, but have two very different styles. Yes though, "gangster rap" i believe does hurt public opinion towards that black culture. it will always be there of course, as a sub section of rap, and even i have and will listen to some of it depending but i think there needs to be a fundemental shift slightly away from it or to adopt a different attitude. As for Public Enemy, they have never as far as i know went that route, and am and always have been a fan. Let's help them, ratm and the others out of this Prophets of Rage junk they are being forced to perform, if a group of people can do this it's definitely all of the fans together of these still very revelent, if they weren't having to do this, groups

The Notorious B.I.G. - Life After Death
-i like Sean Combs, so am going to give B.I.G. some time to listen to. i'm worried with a song called Ten Crack Commandments, anyone who knows me knows how much harm i know this drug to do, which i blogged about earlier so will not expand on this topic here. i guess B.I.G. had a hard life and this was his way to get reputation and money before rapping but am still not a fan of anything to do with the named drug, crack. However again, i will give the album a listen, maybe like some songs more than others, but wanted to give this a try. So much so that i also bought the blu-ray of Notorious, the 2009 movie. It's said to be co-produced with Sean Combs so i sure hope it's good and am kind of going on that. Again, if there's some songs i don't like on this album, i'll just skip by those and listen to the ones i do. All in all i'm glad to have this album and will be very happy giving it a try as i'm not right now too familiar with B.I.G. himself. If you would call gangster rap a microcosm of a past era you would probably be right, there is more empathy now and some of this leaves a bad taste, but it sure was a thing in the 90's. Something to look back on. The situation unfortunately though has largely remained the same, with the problems being faced in urban areas and the daily struggle by many just to get by and being good doesn't always produce results. All of these obstacles can be worked on and i hope we can realize the best paths of action to take to help the underprivileged and make things better for as many of those in that situation as possible

Beastie Boys - To the 5 Boroughs
-First off and again, these great guys have been on our side for a long time. i have also been listening to them since Licence to Ill was released. But this album is very much in the present, or at least pretty new. This morning i also bought Ill Communication and Check your Head, two of their albums i haven't listened to in entirety but am really looking forward to. There are musicians you can listen to on repeat and for me the Beastie Boys are, and will be moreso, among them

Stone Temple Pilots - No. 4
-Looks good and i like the band, am sure this will get a lot of play from me

Mary J. Blige - No More Drama
-Laying the train tracks

Van Morrison - Moondance
-Have always loved this album, every track a winner. Am sure to fall asleep to this many nights and have good dreams

Soundgarden - Down on the Upside
-Yet another group i'd like to have all the albums of

The Black Crowes - The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion
-Had this a long time ago and it's a solid album

Nelly - Country Grammar
-Something i like in music is confidence, and Nelly has a lot of that, don't worry a lot of people have it as well, but it really comes across more sometimes. One of my favorite tracks is Ride Wit Me, except the whole money thing as i am missing that part. Well i guess i also don't smoke L's either, but you get the point and i still love that song. He has a lot of great tracks and would like to buy Nellyville at some point too

Would just like to say here that i inadvertantly slighted R.E.M. and The Tragically Hip, or at least it might come across as such. For R.E.M. don't worry about not putting forth on the meaning of Orange Crush, it's totally understandable and you didn't really have the option to do anything else about it. For The Tragically Hip i still love the song Ahead by a Century and completely know the meaning of and behind the song, it's actually a pretty amazing track. About both of these bands, they are easily becoming two of my favorite groups and i listen to them more than many other albums i have. i am really enjoying buying music and think that it makes you appreciate the albums more, although spending $10 plus for a new Israeli scripted one has got to be a downer. Up to you on how to navigate new music, maybe just read the lyrics before you buy the album. Speaking of such, it's not only new music affected, this has been going on for years just not as bad as it is now. As always, this topic is the main priority

Mary J Blige - The Breakthrough
-This woman deserves a good life, if she's not living it now then i hope she will be. Get ready to help

Santana - Supernatural
-This album is pretty amazing, i've only heard it a few times but has some great songs i really like on it. Happy to have this

Sade - The Best Of
-Love songs can of course be very beautiful, and one of the best female singers of them is Sade. Turn on some of her music with your guy or girl for a nice night

Mya - Self Titled
-This is Mya's first album, am not too familiar with this one but like the artist so will enjoy this am sure

R.E.M. - Green
-My R.E.M. collection is going well. i like the group a lot, one thing though is they don't stand up about their song Orange Crush, saying that the lyrics don't make sense, they know they do. Orange (and light blue) are the designated colors for Israel, well light blue for Israel, orange for Jews in particular. Also having a spine is meant to be courageous. Anyhow that's the song, and it's a really good one

112 - Self Titled
-i like 112 a lot from what i've heard, and this is their first album, i look forward to listening to this. Have always been a fan of 2pac (Tupac), but after getting to know more of the situation of the time i think Tupac went the wrong direction, and i'm siding with the group that make the Bad Boy label instead. Their music is a lot more uplifting as well. i'll miss listening to Tupac, maybe an unrelated song or two once in a while, but figure i'll stick with Bad Boy instead and happily

Elvis - #1's
-Here are some explanations of Elvis songs if so desired
Heartbreak Hotel - This song has been credited to a suicide note printed in the Miami Herald, but i know exactly what suicide is being mentioned here. We're at a different spot right now but there are similarities
Hound Dog - it's not about any of us
Jailhouse Rock - Referencing America
Return to Sender - About the upcoming expulsion, which is better for them than the alternative

Prince - The Very Best Of
-It was sad to say goodbye to Prince, what a great guy, looked like a lot of fun to be around. He died from an accidental overdose of fentanyl, a drug more potent than heroin meant for pain relief. He unfortunately was forced into Breakfast Can Wait, did this have something to do with what happened?

Bon Jovi - Cross Road
-Have been looking for this album, am a fan

Queen - Classic
-The shoah must go on

The Tragically Hip - In Violet Light
-Happy to have another Tragically Hip album, wishing Gordon Downie the very best, he will be remembered

Pearl Jam - Lost Dogs
-Have never heard this album before but like the band

Soundgarden - Superunknown
-i grew up when grunge was starting and like a lot of these groups very much

Alice In Chains - Dirt
-The singer of this band also died of an overdose, he had been struggling with drug addiction and it ended up taking his life. Although this album can be somewhat depressing it is a very good listen

Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique
-These guys are not only awesome themselves but are also on our side. This is their second album and they are said to have been ahead of their time with this one. i haven't heard much of it but look forward to. RIP Adam Yauch, miss you

Puff Daddy and the Family - No Way Out
-This album was released after Notorious B.I.G. was killed, i'm not overly familiar with him but there's a few tracks on here with his vocals so will check that out. Again i really like everyone on the Bad Boy label and hope the forced Israeli scripting they are being made to put forward gets ended sooner rather than later

R.E.M. - Document
-i have a feeling the doument being referred to is the Protocols

Weezer - The Green Album
-This album has one of my favorite songs on it, Island in the Sun, and i agree

The Smashing Pumpkins - Gish
-Their first album, looks pretty good, i like this band a lot also, although any of these albums i buy are from musicians i like very much. Now it's our turn to help them

Rage Against The Machine - Renegades
-Say jam sucker, jam sucker
Say groove sucker, groove sucker
Say dance sucker, dance sucker
Now move sucker, move sucker

Mary J Blige - Share My World
-Mary J has had it rough at times, and she puts a lot out through her music. She is very respected by others and from me for what i know of her. How horrible if she has been taken over, that's happening though and she might be a victim of this also. i really hope she is okay, but the way it's going she probably isn't. Someone, some people, need to come forward about this, it will be the nail in the coffin for the perpetrators

Alicia Keys - Songs In A Minor, The Diary of Alicia Keys
-This girl is great and really talented, the piano looks like a hard instrument to learn and she has the voice and lyrics to go with it. Unfortunately she's been taken. Unfortunately most of the musicians i mention have been taken. Added to a list of good people being forced into putting forth Israeli bullshit

Blue Rodeo - Five Day in July
-Was hoping to find this album, it's been one of my favorites and although kind of sad at times remains one i really like

Weezer - Self Titled
-The first album by Weezer, i haven't heard a lot of songs by them but liked what i did. Taken

Pearl Jam - Vs
-Contrary to the album title of their forced album Live on Ten Legs, they actually have a lot of good albums, i heard this one a long time ago and enjoyed it very much. Have also been taken. Lets get what they're doing known and dealt with

2Pac - All Eyez On Me
-The Dallas shooting targeting police officers was just the other day, 5 members of law enforcement were killed. The shooter, identified as Micah Xavier Johnson, has been killed as well. i will speak of this as is being told and leave my suspicians aside for now, unless more information is released in some way down the line. As is we have a terrible situation where good men were shot by sniper rifle while they were trying to keep everything going okay at a black lives matter rally. Black lives do matter, and is understandable that people are upset to say the least at the killing of two black men who were shot by officers earlier in the week. Police men's and women's lives matter also, and any wrong doing by such should be looked at as well and action taken if needed. Some people are against the police but i appreciate them to keep all of us safe, now and in the future. As for Tupac, i don't think of him as a "gangster" rapper, he has a tattoo that says Thug Life on him but he really didn't live like that and had a good set of morals on him. He wasn't fake either though, he's seen a lot and that's what he talks about. i miss him, and don't know how it would have turned out otherwise if he didn't get shot, but the way it was going was inevitable. After his departure from Death Row Records, he also had problems with Diddy, B.I.G. and others which is too bad and wish had been better, however, the album All Eyez is probably the best rap album in history, if not then it's at least my favorite, which is why i bought it new today and is worth every penny. Unfortunately there was a documentary titled Tupac Resurrection by MTV which has no interest in Tupac and put it together for their own means. But he himself sure was something, and will live on through what he put forward

Aaliyah - Self Titled
-This is the final album Aaliyah was able to release before she died in a plane crash shortly after 9/11. She was very talented and will be deeply missed by many

The Tragically Hip - Trouble at the Henhouse
-To add to what i was saying in an ealier post i am super glad to have been able to buy these albums and have started listening to them, some again, some new to me, and am enjoying them very, very much

R.E.M. - Automatic for the people
-This album has many great tracks, some of my favorites are Drive and Everybody Hurts, the latter, well both really, can being very comforting

Pearl Jam - Ten
-This is the aforementioned album Ten, Pearl Jam's first album. i listened to this a lot when it was first released and still has some of my favorite songs

Bon Jovi - Keep the Faith
-Would like to also buy the album Crossroads which is a Bon Jovi best of. However Keep the Faith is good on it's own as well

Stone Temple Pilots - Purple
-This is the band's second studio album and is a good one from what i remember

Seal - IV
-Am really not too familiar with Seal but have heard some of his songs and liked them so decided to pick this up

The Tragically Hip - Fully Completely, Music @ Work
-i thought for sure these would be hard to find given that Gordon Downie recently announced he has terminal brain cancer, who i hope is coming to terms with that and thoughts go to him, friends and family. The final tour is something nice of them to do and am sure it will be an amazing time for everyone who gets to see them. Am happy to have a few great albums of theirs as i'm sure are many music lovers around the world

U2 - The Best Of 1980-1990, The Best Of 1990-2000 & B-Sides
-Lots of great tracks here, although i've listened to U2 throughout my life im not as familiar with them as much as i should be so this will be a nice start

Motley Crue - Live: Entertainment or Death
-We are a motley crew. Put together by fate and circumstance in a battle we didn't want and didn't choose but have been thrust into regardless, now we must get through this or lose everything. As for the album, have liked this group for a long time and this will be nice to listen to

Rage Against the Machine - Evil Empire
-First Rage against the Machine album i found and bought. Ratm disbanded in 2003 or so, maybe trying to get out before being taken over, but they have been found and have it happening as we speak, they have been put into a "supergroup" with Chuck D. of Public Enemy and B-Real of Cypress Hill. This doesn't look on the up and up though. The group will be titled Prophets of Rage, otherwise known as Profits of Rage, which is similar to the taken Metallica album Garage Inc. If this album is real it would be a surprise, unfortunately it doesn't look like it will be

Propellerheads - Decks and Drums and Rock and Roll
-Looks like a good group, i like the song History Repeating featuring Shirley Bassey so figured to give the rest of the album a listen

Coldplay - Parachutes
-Am a fan and have a couple of their other albums so was nice to get this one

Radiohead - The Bends
-Was so happy to find this album as there are many Radiohead albums i'd like to get into. There's a song on this one called Street Spirit (fade out) that is one of my favorite songs, and video. The video shows a boy being attacked by a chained rottweiler in what looks to be a situation of what's happening in Palestine, i guess except that in actuality the chain is not there

Norah Jones - Come Away With Me
-The good way, not the way people in the entertainment industry get taken away and made to be subserviant because of physical harm

The Black Crowes - Shake Your Money Maker
-The first track on this album is titled Twice as Hard (as it was the first time i said goodbye) and that's to say the least

Mase - Harlem World
-There's no limit to the amount of respect that need to be given to Diddy and the Bad Boy label, they have been on top of this as much as anybody and are some of the nicest guys you'll ever meet (from what i've seen). They have been taken though. And now they along with many other's in the music industry need your help. Please do what you can

Leonard Cohen - The Future
-Leonard Cohen is a good guy, and is on our side. i listened to this album often when i was younger, my mom even gave me a book of his lyrics and some poems. In 1988 he released an album titled I'm Your Man, it's just hard to do so with an album only every year or so. There was an album after this of covers by many great musicians titled I'm Your Fan, very nice. But if you're not familiar with Leonard Cohen, at least listen to this album, or look up the lyrics. The whole album is great but one of my favorite terms of his, a song to describe what we need, is Closing Time. Best wishes to Leonard Cohen, thank you for everything you've done for us

The Tragically Hip - Up To Here
-Have you had it up to here? Me too

The Tragically Hip - Road Apples
-Happy to have picked up this album, again am a fan of the band

R.E.M. - Monster
-This album comes in a bright orange case and i look forward to listening to it. What i will talk about here though is the Metallica documentary Some Kind of Monster, forced on the band around the time of the black album of same origins. So instead of anything near noble they torture the band into album after album of Israeli themed songs. Now you might say Metallica was pretty brutal, and they were, but what about Alicia Keys who sang r&b love songs? Tortured into Empire State of Mind, a love song from Israel to New York. As always it's full albums, not just songs. What about Lady Gaga? Her album The Fame had nothing to do with Israel or Israeli's and still got forced into "The Fame Monster". So who is the monster in actuality? Ask those being tortured, the worst and lowest thing that can be done. At least we have some humanity when it comes to dealing with the problem we have

Norah Jones - Feels Like Home
-We're doing pretty good, but we still have a long way to go

Sheryl Crow - Tuesday Night Music Club
-No one said it would be easy. And it's not. This is the biggest problem we've ever faced as a people, we've got problems down the line for us to deal with, but we need to fix this spot we're in that is not our doing right now

James Blunt - Back To Bedlam
-this is a great album from what i've heard so far, and the song Wisemen is one of my favorites. There's also a song called No Bravery, which i found dubbed to a youtube video about Palestine, and i do think this song is about such. How great is that, a song about Palestine on a mainstream album, very cool and would be nice to see more of this

Cure - Wish
-i wish for the cure as well

Enigma - MCMXC a.d.
-Wanted to pick up some instrumental music for the background sometimes, thought this would be a nice one. They are a German group and this was their first album, have heard good things about them

Shania Twain - Up
-As mentioned am a fan of Shania Twain and was able to pick up this album, which i haven't heard yet but look forward to, today. With the spot we're in right now up would be a nice place to get, but it will take a lot of effort on our part. Also, and it's too bad to have to say, but there are even worse times ahead for us until things get better. i hope we make it through as i fear a world where we don't

Bryan Adams - So Far So Good
-Love songs for lovers. Have been a Bryan Adams fan for a long time and he's doing more than good so far and hope he continues to do so

Shania Twain - The Woman in Me
-i have great memories of listening to Shania Twain albums on repeat. Like her a lot

Sheryl Crow - Self Titled
-Am not too familiar with this album but do like Sheryl Crow. One song i like in particular is Good is Good, from the album wildflower. It might sound easy enough, but it pretty much is most of the time. What i would like to talk about is the question does the end justify the means. Well, if the means is good, positive, and the outcome is good then yes, of course. But is a bad means okay for a good outcome? In the situation we're in if you have no other choice then i suppose you have to, it's such as protecting ourselves and have to respond in any way we can. i need to mention that torture is never an available means and must be the main problem that needs to be stopped by any means. So does the end justify the means is a question that must be answered by each of us, you see what's going on and realize we must take action against those who are seeking harm to us

Pearl Jam - Live on Two Legs
-Looks like a good album, i have another live album of theirs, not retail, because i heard Pearl Jam is okay with concert recordings. While looking this album up though i found a later album Live on Ten Legs, now i haven't listened to that one, and am not familiar with all the tracks the title seems to be mocking the band for "getting by" on the success on the album Ten. Many Israeli scripted albums and such do this, make fun of (and it's nowhere near fun for them) a musician

Savage Garden - Self Titled
-Listened to this a few years ago and always liked it

The Tragically Hip - Self Titled
-Am more familiar with Road Apples and Fully Completely but thought to pick this album up

Moby - Play
-This is a great album from a very cool guy, used to have this album when it was newly released and always liked it

Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto
-i have my doubts about this album but picked it up anyway to give it a chance. Coldplay is a great band of course i just worry that this isn't theirs. Looked up some songs lyrics and there's a chance it could be alright but will wait til i hear the album before deciding. There is a song though, called Us Against the World, who could sing those lyrics? It's not Coldplay against the world, it's also not even us against the world, only one faction could say this. As far as i'm concerned Coldplay have been taken over since the video for Talk, from the X&Y album, the album's fine, but once in a while a band gets out a good album and the song single choice and later videos are not the musicians doing. i wish someone who this is being done to would somehow get the message out there about what is going on, this should really be a priority. So if you're ever wondering what to talk about (or sing about) this should be the topic

Decided to make $1 the default price paid per album instead of listing it, the reason i did was to encourage you to do the same and find treasures of your own

Tupac did have some gangster rap, moreso later in his life, but most of the time the lyrics weren't about that and were thoughtful and uplifting

Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head
-i believe the title track is about someone getting shot in the head, as is the cover and title of the aforementioned Dark Side of the Moon. Really looking forward to listening to Coldplay's different albums and was happy to pick this one up

Coldplay - X&Y ($1)
-i've always liked Coldplay and this is the first album of theirs that i was able to buy. i think the song speed of sound is about the protocols

In Time - The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003 ($1)
-They previously had the album Out of Time, this release from 2003 is In Time. i also plan to buy all the other R.E.M. albums as found

Metallica - Garage Inc ($1)
-This album is bullshit, well most of it anyhow, it's a newer (forced) album based on Garage Days re-revisited. Metallica has been taken over since and including And Justice for All. So out of this album i made a mix of just the good songs from the second disc along with Die, Die My Darling from the first one which i like but am weary about since mixed with the other tracks (update: i'm claiming this song for us)

No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom ($1)
-Nice album, lots of good songs. Unfortunately Gwen's solo career has been forced from the start

OutKast - Speakerboxxx - The Love Below ($1)
-These guys are great, super talented and i like all their singles, am sure the tracks i haven't heard yet from this album are amazing too

Red Hot Chili Peppers - One Hot Minute ($1)
-Am a huge RHCP fan, probably my favorite band or right up there in the top 5. They have a fun time with their music and can bring up tough topics as well. Blood Sugar Sex Magic is, after much previous thought, my favorite album, and i plan to buy it as soon as possible

The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness ($1)
-i used to listen to this a ways back when it was first released, very nice album

Rage Against the Machine - Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium (dvd)
-i have the dvd of this, thought it would be okay to have it in mp3 form as well to bring with me. What can be said about RATM? i'd say they are the originals but as they said in their song Renegades of Funk there were renegades throughout time. And they are those as well. We're here guys, miss your songs but of course plan to buy all your albums as well

Tupac - Live at the House of Blues 1996 (dvd)
-Also have this on dvd and again figured it would be okay to have the mp3's. How fucking cool is Tupac, damn. And he didn't sing gangster rap despite what might be thought. No drugs, no lyrics about murder etc etc.. there's a place for all that but it wasn't for Tupac. Wow

Tupac - Legacy (book)
-This is an interview with Tupac, it's a cd from the book Legacy which is also very cool

Concerts, these are from musicians who are okay with their concerts being listened to

Pearl Jam 1994-04-03, Fox Theater, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (free)
-i was into grunge a lot in high school and liked Pearl Jam a lot

Radiohead 2012-04-14 Coachella 2012 (free)
-From what i've heard so far Radiohead is pretty talented, one of my favorite songs is Street Spirit (fade out) but there are many others and is another group that i plan to buy all of their cds

R.E.M. 2005 Millennium Stadium, Cardiff (free)
-Another band that's cool with concert recordings, should be a good show

The Smashing Pumpkins 2007-06-19 (free)
-Great band, very talented

Am looking forward to listening to all these, the ones i've heard and ones i haven't yet

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