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Zion (tries to) insult Eminem's writing skills, which he has if he were able to put them forward, in the "he and Beyonce" video for Walk on Water. it's something to wonder of what these musicians would be releasing if not in the situation they are in now

This is a video from a few years ago but it's the first time i see it and is still the cause of the problem. This is what you have to deal with, and it's not from 50 cent. Money

Does this look like something QotSA would put together and release? No, no it does not. Remember you've got to be skeptical now as they are not being as obvious as they were before. Queens Of The Stone Age - The Way You Used To Do

a purposefully bad example to set "Bizarre" D12 L.A.R.S. Last American Rock Stars

threat of arson "50 Cent" They Burn Me

threat of arson "Imagine Dragons" Whatever it Takes

no thank you "John Legend" Penthouse Floor

revenge on me? We are the ones being harmed in multitudes of ways by you and have to respond "Pink" Revenge lyrics

Don't be a Jewish umbrella America. "U2" You're the Best Thing About Me

More Federal Reserve spending at your expense. "Fergie" Like It Ain't Nuttin'

i care that Chester Bennington's light went out. Forced Jewish scripted "Linkin Park" One More Light song/album

Zion didn't need to do the whole video like this to do what it wanted. Taylor is actually very beautiful. LWYMMD

Look what they're making Taylor Swift do

You don't have to wonder who's reputation Taylor Swift is about to be forced to sing about

It may be a long shot, but i believe in us "sheep". Show them we are not. "Katy Perry" - Swish Swish

The current Guns N' Roses tour has been titled the "not in this lifetime" tour, so let's speed things up a bit, it's all on you

Please, please, please! Someone expose forced Jewish scripting in music

Today is the 44th anniversary of the birth of hip-hop, and we are now seeing the death of it, and music in general, until possible again

in actuality the music industry isn't happy at all right now, they are being tortured (Disney's great, Pixar's not)

Your tax dollars at work America. End the federal reserve. "Big Boi" - "Chocolate"

Chester Bennington, another of the many musicians being tortured into bullshit, has taken his own life this morning. R.I.P. we'll miss you

Yeah, i don't think that's how guitars work Zion, but you already know that and are just taking people for idiots

i doubt those being called "rednecks" and "hillbillies" eat road-kill, or that Kid Rock would imply they do. Po-Dunk

They enjoy making Jay-Z do this, he doesn't enjoy it to say the least. The Story of O.J.

My wish, is that someone, anyone, exposes what's going on with forcing in the music industry

Don't read too much into "Jay-Z's" 4:44 or "Beyonce's" Lemonade, they weren't the ones who wrote them

Because apparently there is nothing else to sing about... (this is not Cypress Hill) Reefer Man

The song Sorry, from the forced "Justin Bieber" album Purpose was released in 2015. There hasn't been any improvement from them at all

Chris Cornell, singer of the band Soundgarden, and Zions forced group Audioslave, has committed suicide. Kurt Cobain couldn't take it either

Don't feel bad for me, feel bad for the band members of Sum 41, then do something to help them

What Israel thinks of people who listen to their faked music, the rest is no better. Sum 41 - Goddamn i'm dead again

There is a problem, it's that good people of ours, like Stefani, others, are being tortured. "Lady Gaga" The Cure

A forced description of a forced Israeli album. "James Blunt" - The Afterlove

Snoop Dogg is still being Israeli scripted, were he allowed to get something out there it would not be badbadnotgood

You'll find that most critical songs nowadays are forced

i would rather hear a real song that is critical than a love song that was forced

Frank Sinatra said the world will always welcome lovers, so now taken musicians are being forced to sing love songs about crack

Unfortunately it looks like Ed Sheeran was not only referencing the current state of music in general but also "his" own new album Divide

Ed Sheeran makes a statement. Hope he's doing well and that this is a real album. i think Ed is completely amazing

In We the People, A Tribe Called Quest instead of Jews says all you 'bad folks' you must go, so as not to give any ideas before it starts

It's not Katy Perry threatening you. Stand up to them - Chained To The Rhythm

Let's not get high. "Lady Gaga" - John Wayne

Lady Gaga still needs rescuing, as do so many others

You give it to them, everyday. "Ariana Grande" - Everyday

Forcing Missy Elliot to say "i'm better" shows that you aren't

We definitely are in troubled times "Green Day"

Musicians, if you're fortunate to put out a real album then make every song count, otherwise the one counter song will be your next single

Don't let them get away with what they're doing to musicians, even now while they are being more sneaky about it

Recent fancy music videos trying to hide forced Israeli albums which are still there until we stop them in total

The obvious and intentional "flubs" in "Metallica's" Atlas Rise are an insult to people's intelligence.

which is not the musicians fault, or the audiences

There should be music, not moosic

Yes, Mary J Blige has been taken over, i'm not sure when it started with her but she is now. What a sweet woman this is happening to

Tech 9 Erbody but me Don't do that, we need to do this together, to help and stand up for each other. not their song

If Drake has any feelings for any other musicians he would use his position to help expose what's going on instead of siding with his own

Kill me, kill me, that's what i've got to face, and still i stand, still we all must stand against what you're doing

Gorillaz - Dare

Motley Crue Live : Entertainment or Death. If only death were even an option for them, but it's not. It's up to us to end this

Diddy, how are you such a good guy? i'm on your side, and hope you and the others get rescued soon

The music industry was ours, but starting around the time of Pink Floyd's forced album The Wall it has gotten worse and worse till now

The new single from Israeli agenda group Panic! at the Disco is all about them brainwashing youth

Lady Gaga's first album The Fame wasn't about Israel, Zionism or anything like that, the album "The Fame Monster" was still forced on her

The actual illusion is what they are doing by forcing their words and agenda onto these wonderful musicians we love

i've always thought of Die Antwoord, Yolandi and Ninja, as damn cool. it's with sadness to say again, that another group has been taken over

The new "Green Day" album is ridiculous, here they try to get youth listening to the radio, which is theirs

Pretty much every musician that is mainstream in any way has been taken over. It's a sad time for music and anger towards the ones forcing

That's a lot of people singing to a forced Israeli song, let them know what's going on

There are other new albums and music videos forced by the Israeli entity that aren't as easily noticed, but are there, be on your guard

It sure isn't our party

An Israeli mantra, forced on Katy Perry. Rise lyrics

"Katy Perry" Rise makes fun of her nose and eyebrow rings. This torture of them is not defense, they are enjoying it

Gorillaz - Dare. One of the few songs, that i know of, about forced Israeli scripting

Disco ball, testicle necklace... i like Snoop Dogg, and all musicians this is happening to. Don't let this continue

"Milk" money, from the entity that forced her to sing Fergalicious

Musicians need our help, your help, this is urgent. Help them however you can

From them to you, a song put forth via "Nelly Furtado"

Parading their tortured musicians to the unknowing youth

Peter Gabriel is pretty amazing, i do feel that way about many musicians though. Either way this song is not his

Forcing Alicia Keys to sing hollow apologies next to the threats and bullshit forced on other people doesn't count

Trying to lay low on the Star of David they have opted for the hex, the inner part of their symbol

Thing is MØ, and Elliphant, have been recently taken, the videos just aren't as obvious as the others. God do i want someone to step forward

MØ, best thing i can tell you right now is that the cavalry is on it's way, at least i hope it is. You and the others stay strong

Who in the music industry will let the people know what's going on, one person, a couple, many? i want for them to be safe and this exposed

With the amount of musicians involved, and new forced music being released every day, one or more musicians are being harmed as we speak

Everything about this video (except the musicians as it's not them speaking) is absolute bullshit "Prophets of Rage"

Again, with everything that's going on i know Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa have more to say to you than to get high

We're not torturing Barbra Streisand to sing our songs

Coldplay, already been taken. In the new track they have them sing don't ever give up (atrocious behavior and plans)

Sounds nice? It isn't. Here's the lyrics to "Justin Timberlake's" Can't stop the feeling. Courtesy of Dreamworks

The new "Radiohead" album is titled Moon Shaped Pool. just so you know

Another new song by "Radiohead", another threat. Keep following your dream guys and gals, keep following your dream

Contrary to these lyrics they're forced to sing, French Montana, Nas and Kanye West know exactly what's going on

They took over the Red Hot Chili Peppers to have them sing about their kind's dark necessities

It's not Radiohead threatening you and telling you to stay in the shadows. You must stand up to them no matter what

Rob Zombie has always been politically on topic, and i doubt he'd use his time to send the message to "get high"

Blink 182 are good guys, who have also fell victim to forced Israeli scripting. The first song from the new album is

"Prince" Breakfast can wait. The video is done by a fan and is okay, but check the lyrics and song. i doubt it's his. Your thoughts?

The Zionist entity is torturing good people. They thought it would save them but it will do the opposite

Don't bother wondering what "Beyonce" is saying in the album Lemonade as if she wrote the lyrics, she didn't and is still taken over

Treat yourself well, but live your life for others. Here's a new song that's not by Gwen Stefani

They force Justin Bieber to sing Sorry to play on the radio to apologize for forcing people into songs that they can play on the radio

5SoS's video's have been taken over since She's Kinda Hot, in Jet Black Heart the only one "different" is the Muslim

A new song from them for them, from the newest forced Miley Cyrus album, the song Lighter it's not about marijuana

She's already been taken over so it's already known, but i doubt it was her to name the new album "Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz"

Not as obvious as other music videos, but still is, 5 Seconds of Summer have been taken over, real song bs video,

When one song on an album is corrupt the whole album is, like how they force Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys to sing about them liking New York

This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like A Motherf****r This is what we have to deal with, many already are and need saving

They put triangles in their media such as music videos to identify the source to the others, such as "Taylor Swift's" earrings in Bad Blood

The Smashing Pumpkins have been taken, here is "their" new song again, our task will become all your task some time

Shad Moss (Bow Wow) and Ciara did a song called Like You, one of the few songs about forced Israeli scripting, we need more songs about that

Even without Zayn Malik (who i understand for leaving after the band was taken over) there will always be "one direction"

New forced videos making fun of the artist, Ed Sheeran and Charlie xcx can't count them all

United States aid to Israel? Uptown funk you up

Some of the bravest people i can think of are musicians. Be as brave as they have been

i don't have my hopes up for the Grammy awards tonight, either way it would be a great time to bring up forced Israeli scripting in some way

There's lyrics about crack in "Bruno Mars'" Uptown Funk, referred to as white gold. i doubt Bruno Mars does that crap or wants to sing that

Forced Israeli scripting, what they thought would save them will be large in their downfall. Those aware of it please help make it known

They force Katy Perry to sing that this is no big deal from the track this is how we do, album Prism. Show that you can stand up to them

The new One Direction music video Night Changes looks to insult, make fun of them, that's something they do while looking down on musicians

You've got to watch out, the opposition is getting even sneakier

Mary J Blige fan? i know i am. "Her" new song Right Now is not hers, most songs released for quite a while have not been theirs. Be aware

If only Weezer and all the others could have skipped

Back to the shack? Thanks but i think i'll skip, i think we'll all skip

They try to give their scripted music legitimacy, like by saying Ed Sheeran wrote "Hilary Duff's" All About You, which is another threat

Remember when you hear a new song from someone who is known to be taken over that that new song isn't theirs either

If you're in music, or want to get into music, i suggest you bring up forced Israeli scripting in one way or another. Make it count

The lyric version was nice, sweet and actually a great track. She wasn't able to put out a real video for it though

The song is pro-Israel, while the video is glorifying suicide and targeting impressionable youth.

The forced music has gotten stealthier, remember that once an artist has been taken over they aren't let go. This must be stopped right now

When in reality she is smart (and beautiful)

Taylor Swift doesn't need to worry (about this) no actual people are saying she has nothing in her brain, from the forced song Shake It Off

A local eyeglasses store has a commercial saying "we've got the music", well, they do. Real music is now the exception, this needs to stop

Green Day, forced to call American's idiots. They really don't think much of the rest of the world

This was their next video, after torture

This was Franz Ferdinand's last video before the torture it's about Israel and Israel's view of us

The song's fine, the video's not she's being made fun of compared to the lyrics version of this video. Inna, Pitbull

They thought forcing people into Israeli scripts would help them, instead it is going to bring them down. Help make this an urgent priority

"fucked my way up to the top" on Lana Del Rey's new track list makes me worry she's been taken over. Easier to see when the album's released

Singers, until this is sorted out try not to go negative on album songs as if you get compromised that will probably be your next single

Imagine when someone, then everyone comes forward about forced Israeli scripting. it's been going on for a long time and needs to be ended

Demi Lovato sure is nice. The newest song is hers but the video and song choice is not. In Case (in studio) showcases the Stein piano

Recognize the guy singing the chorus on this song? He's the singer from Panic at the Disco. It's all about intention

Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber would be doing a lot better if it wasn't for the situation they're in

There's a lot to do, on topic and off, but if i was to choose one thing, then that, forced Israeli scripting, would be first priority

Something i constantly wish for is for someone to definitively come forward about forced Israeli scripting, really hope this happens

Contrary to what they made him sing, Pharrell is not happy

Titling "Beyonce's" newest album after her name doesn't mean it's hers

It says something that they forced John Lennon to sing 'give peace a chance'

i really need to stand up for Janelle Monae and Miguel, heard the audio to this beautiful song, Primetime, the new video isn't theirs

Metallica has been forced Israeli scripted since And Justice for All, i don't see how the new movie Through the Never would be any different

The blue makeup doesn't hide their eyes. Check the cameo's by willing participants, minus Bono.

Torture can never be justified, ending torture can be

"Katy Perry" Dark Horse . If you "can't stop", then you'll understand that i can't either

Just so you know, that's not my sentiment, that's the song she's being forced to sing

Britney Spears is still being tortured, "her" newest song "Work Bitch". Help Britney and the others, they need it

The Doors' Jim Morrison sang of when the music's over, unfortunately that's about where we're at right now

When an artist of any kind is forced to read Israeli scripts, they generally aren't let go of, we have to make them let go

"Paul McCartney's" most recent song, New, doesn't really sound like it's from his viewpoint at all

The video's referenced are The Fallen and Give It To Me

There's parts where it looks like Stefani has been crying. They did this to Franz Ferdinand and Justin Timberlake too

Stefani Lady Gaga is being forced to try and get you involved with the song Applause, i suggest you get involved too, just for other reasons

They've been trying to be less obvious with Israeli scripted music, what gives "Katy Perry" - roar away is the line dancing through the fire

"Miley Cyrus" - We Can't Stop. Really?...

"Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull" 'Live it up' is one of the more obvious Israeli scripted song and video seen recently

Someone who has been Israeli scripted needs to come forward

I had a bad feeling about this, unfortunately it looks like they were also taken . Back to dark side of the moon

Forced Israeli scripting has been going on for some time, after 9/11 though they started doing it to everyone they could get their hands on

The earliest forced Israeli scripting in music that I know of would have to be Jim Morrison, an example song is roadhouse blues, been awhile

I thought N.E.R.D. got out a real song with Hot n Fun, turns out it's one more Israeli scripted song about crack

We're not looking to torture them, wish the same could be said the other way around. Instead we must end their tortures of us, and succeed

"Jay-Z & Kanye West's" Otis has no message, just talk of bling to sell the rest of the Israeli album. There's screaming, and it's the truth

The new Israeli scripted song by Lady Gaga, You & I, is another "together" threat including the line "this time I'm not leaving without you"

"Lady Gaga's" song edge of glory is trying to promote suicide. I wish someone would come forward about forced Israeli scripting

Forced Israeli scripts don't count, what they are is a testament to the people being hurt to put them forward

Stay strong Stefani, hopefully the rescue team is on the way

Also see "My Humps". Both these songs are forced Israeli scripted

No, it's not "Fergalicious". I've seen too many people ruined by that shit. Stay away from crack and never try it. Ever.

The people currently running Lady Gaga love Judas, go figure

I wish forced Israeli scripting gets definitively exposed, if there's anything you can do to help with this you'd be rescuing many people

"A few times they been around this track, so it's not just gonna happen like that" "Gwen Stefani" Hollaback Girl

Israeli propaganda, forced through musicians you love and respect. Photo from "Rihanna", Rude Boy

Israel puts a cameo showing who is really in charge when it come to Lady Gaga. Photo from Alejandro

I feel for Stefani (Lady Gaga), the shit they're putting her through. Anger at those that are doing it to her. Best we can do is help

Forced Israeli scripting isn't quite as obvious as it was a few years ago, but it's still here and worse than ever

"Lady Gaga's" (forced on her) Born This Way, especially the video's intro, is written about the Jewish race by themselves

Unfortunately many artists are being hurt to pump out Zionist propaganda. We need to do what we can to help them

Because of the harm that's being done to good people, definitively exposing forced Israeli scripting needs to be a priority

Please, teach your kids about Israeli scripting. Whether direct, covert or forced, they need to be able to see it

The newest Israeli scripted song forced upon Rihanna is 'rock'star, a drug reference

I wish Lady Gaga was able to release a second album, it probably would have been amazing

Lady Gaga was living her dream, as were many musicians, who are now being forced into songs they don't want to sing

Israeli scripting tries to ruin young girls lives with Britney Spears song "3"

Miley Cyrus' Party in the U.S.A. is an Israeli scripted song for Jewish listeners. Check out the lyrics

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